Our Role at This Critical Moment, Redefined Afresh by Lyndon LaRouche

Joseph Cotto published the second part of his four-part interview of Lyndon LaRouche in the San Francisco Review of Books yesterday. Two aspects of what Mr. LaRouche said there, have special relevance for our crucial role in history at this unique moment. Their significance may be obvious to some, but let us expand on them a little. In that interview, LaRouche agreed with Cotto that the American people have been “dumbed down,” but added, “but there is of course still the potential of reversing that trend. Human beings are human beings, and once they have hope for their future, they get inspired to improve.”

This is the single most important new reality we face today–although no one can know for how long. Hundreds of millions of people or more–not only in the United States but many other countries as well–suddenly have hope for their future, as they had not had it for many years. Our plans for humanity, and those we share with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the Chinese leadership, had struck up against the hopelessness bred into our fellow citizens.

No longer. This is an enormous change.

Then, at the end of the segment, LaRouche said, “Given the economic data of the state of the U.S. labor force, shorter life expectancies, drug addiction, suicide rates, unemployment–a real effort to increase the real productivity of labor will be required. And Trump will have trouble with this thing, as he doesn’t know how to explain the argument. Trump himself will understand the argument, but many of the people who are involved with him, as on his economic team, will have to face up to and understand this.”

In a very concise way, LaRouche has pointed precisely to the irreplaceable need for our leadership, for his leadership at this moment–however long this moment may last. LaRouche’s argument is not limited to Donald Trump — look instead at its content. This is the subject matter of LaRouche’s “Four New Laws,” and no one can provide it except us–and that only to the extent that we have mastered this concept, and can even infect others with it. “Don’t panic,” as LaRouche said to associates recently, but focus on this.


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