Jail Obama for Treason

Obama and John Podesta. January 25, 2015 [White House Photo]


Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection against the democratically elected President who solidly defeated his clone, Hillary Clinton, in the November election.


“Obama is actually highly vulnerable,” Lyndon LaRouche noted yesterday. “He has exposed himself as a traitor to the United States.” Obama proudly met with his CIA chief, John Brennan, every Tuesday afternoon during his reign, to draw up the “kill list” for the week—those whom “King Obama” chose to assassinate on his own volition—sans court order, sans due process—along with whoever happened to be with his target when the drone struck.

LaRouche noted that the New York Times long ago revealed the story of Obama’s Tuesday kill-list sessions, not because they wanted to expose his killer character, but to drive the U.S. population to accept it—to belittle themselves by tolerating a mass killer as their president, without protest.

EIR is releasing a dossier this week entitled “Obama and Soros Color Revolutions—Nazi Coup in Ukraine, 2014—U.S.A., 2017?” Feb. 21-22 is the third anniversary of Obama’s overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, in a violent mob action directly funded and directed by Obama and his personal agent to the region, Victoria Nuland. The riots, centered in the Maidan central square, featured molotov cocktail attacks on police and government buildings, led by organizations openly promoting Stepan Bandera, Adolf Hitler’s Ukrainian Nazi partner.

The EIR dossier demonstrates that Barack Obama, with his sponsor George Soros and other British and U.S. “project democracy” agents, are now turning their ‘color revolution’ fire on the United States itself—and for the same reason: the British Empire refused to allow Western Europe and Russia to work together for peace and development, and therefore ran an anti-Russia coup by old-line nazis in Ukraine, to refuel the old nazi hatred of Russia. So also in the U.S.: the Obama gang is making the incredibly pathetic effort to convince Americans that President Trump has committed a crime by wanting to prevent a war with Russia, and to instead work with Russia—and China and India and Japan—to bring peace and development to the world, including to the U.S. While there are dupes in the U.S. who will swallow such garbage, the majority of the population is in a state of revolt against such psychotic nonsense, be it from the politicians or from the media.

Obama and Hillary Clinton had brought the world to the very edge of thermonuclear war with Russia. That danger has been dramatically curtailed by Hillary’s defeat. And yet, the Obama/Soros gang is calling for the impeachment or criminal prosecution of Trump, who is making peace with Russia, claiming that it is dangerous for Trump to have “his finger on the nuclear button”!

Ending this ugly irony requires that Obama be brought to justice. His multiple crimes as president are now compounded by his overt campaign to overthrow the government of the United States of America—an overt act of treason.

Obama so loved the British Queen and the British system, that he served as its loyal asset in restoring the subservience of the former British colony to the British System—monetarism and colonial wars. Today, the Financial Times, the voice of the London and Wall Street financial oligarchy, calls openly for a violent insurrection against the upstart President, who is threatening to end the British Empire’s “divide and conquer” division of the world. The FT bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce, warns that if Trump is not taken down, he will take down “the system.”

Indeed he might, and so be it. Trump has argued that the U.S. accept the proposals from Putin—that we work hand in hand to defeat terrorism—and from Xi Jinping—to join the New Silk Road process for global development. For Trump to live up to that committment would mean the end of Empire. It is the responsibility of an inspired population to bring about that beautiful result, and that inspiration is best expressed by the fifty years of leadership from Lyndon LaRouche. This is our moment, if we take it, to bring about what Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called the “adulthood” of humanity.

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