Space Colonization: Mankind’s Next Renaissance

Two Case Studies for Mankind’s Permanent Colonization of Space

For humanity, developing the solar system is not an option, but an imperative, without which we will remain confined to the knowledge and resources available on one small planet. Such an unnatural and unnecessary future ensures our extinction.

Instead, we must open the solar system for mankind’s use by colonizing space permanently, not simply exploring it. Today’s emerging global strategic situation offers the potential for cooperation among all nations of the world towards that goal. But who has the plan?

Two great visionaries, Krafft A. Ehricke and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., recognizing this essential step mankind must take, outlined the principled strategy and stages of development for a permanent lunar, and subsequently a Mars, colony. Though technologies have advanced since the time of these writings, and our knowledge about the resources of the Moon and Mars has grown, these two programs remain the essential models, in principle, for the design of any space program by humanity today.

Lunar Industrialization and Settlement

       Krafft Ehricke’s 1984 presentation outlines the comprehensive plan to establish mankind’s permanent habitation on the Moon’s surface. Ehricke establishes why this development is an imperative for mankind, and reviews some of his designs for the technologies needed.


The Woman on Mars

       Lyndon LaRouche gave this televised presentation as a central feature of his 1988 U.S. presidential campaign. “The Woman on Mars” demonstrates that mankind not only can, but must, begin today the 40 year mission to establish a colony on Mars, even amidst the worst economic crisis in history.

        Read Lyndon LaRouche’s papers:
The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars
Design of Cities in the Age of Mars Colonization


Program Updates

Since the 1980s, much work has been done to advance technologies which are applicable to the various sections of Ehricke’s and LaRouche’s programs, from rocket propulsion to lunar habitat structure to 3D printing. Here we will post relevant program updates and advancements, as we work to assemble an updated space program proposal.

Policy Proposals

LaRouchePAC released a space policy paper in 2016 based on the principles of Krafft Ehricke and Lyndon LaRouche, but including the technological advancements made since the time of their 1980’s policy papers.

Principles and Boundary Conditions of a New Space Program: A Solar System Economic Platform
by Kesha Rogers and Ben Deniston

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