Stop Obama’s and Soros’s ‘Maidan’ in America

Radical Far-Right oriented protesters throwing Molotov cocktails in direction of Interior troops positions. Euromaidan Protests. January 19, 2014 photo: Mstyslav Chernov/CC BY-SA 3.0


Today will be a day of rallies in American cities, a “Day of Truth” about the Obama/George Soros neo-fascist coup in the Ukraine in 2014, and the coup Obama and Soros are attempting right now against President Donald Trump.


EIR‘s just-released dossier tells the story in detail of this attempt to repeat that Ukraine “color revolution,” as Soros’ calls it, in the United States now. It is published to expose and block that “color revolution” before it’s too late.

Soros with his funding of street protesters and rioters and Obama — the president who says goodbye but never leaves — with his “Organizing for Action,” are being backed by British and European Union elites calling for the impeachment, forced retirement, or even assassination of President Trump. These are openly discussed in the London press, the leading German media, just as UK and U.S. media and Obama officials backed a neo-fascist coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Ukraine today is a country whose security and military forces, and government, are being progressively dominated and taken over by over neo-fascists. London knows this; but the objective was, and is, to defeat Putin’s Russia by war or even threat of global war.

The Obama/Soros forces’ objective in trying to bring down Trump is the same: a war confrontation with Russia, and a return to the London/Wall Street policy of “globalization,” “deindustrialization,” constant wars, that Trump campaigned against.

What Obama and Soros are trying to do is treason. Should Americans “reject this” by avoiding political action? No, Obama, Soros, and their British coup-plotters have to be stopped by us. What is needed is to deal with Trump’s “Achilles Heel” — the power of Wall Street. We do that by organizing and delivering legislation to restore the Glass-Steagall Act Trump called for during his campaign, to his desk for signature, as rapidly as possible. And we demand a national infrastructure and manufacturing credit institution on Alexander Hamilton’s model.

These actions are being called for in state legislatures of a dozen states right now. And you can sign our petition to encourage President Trump to endorse a Glass-Steagall Act at his State of the Union Address. Join this mobilization as if the nation depended on it.

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