Optimism must Trump Obama’s Conspiracy for War with Russia

Attorney General Sessions being sworn in January 10, 2017. Whitehouse Photo


No, the “sky is not falling” with the new ridiculous McCarthyist charges against Attorney General Sessions–if any of you had thought it might be falling. Rather, this is a new desperation tactic by Obama personally, himself, after the enthusiasm generated by President Trump’s Tuesday address to Congress.

There is no way the American people will choose to go down the road towards war with Russia, now when so many have been inspired by the hope of a far better future ahead.

Yet Obama is retooling and purging the Democratic Party to make it his personal instrument in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government. “This is exactly what he would do,” said Lyndon LaRouche today. Leading up to the Democratic National Committee’s Feb. 25 vote for chairman, the Obama group encouraged former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez to run against the favorite, Glass-Steagall supporter Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Then Obama personally telephoned DNC members to vote for Perez, as did his roommate Valerie Jarrett, along with Joe Biden and other Obama sidekicks. Perez won a narrow victory. Now there are signs pointing towards Obama’s attempting to purge the Texas and California Democratic Party leadership of elements who will not cooperate in dropping everything for his anti-Trump crusade.

Obama would hope that strongarm tactics in the Democratic party would prevent bipartisan cooperation on behalf of LaRouche’s Four Laws, as we saw in Marcy Kaptur’s Feb. 1 press-conference reintroducing Glass-Steagall. But Obama is wrong about this, as about much else. In fact, the more he throws his weight around to force the Democratic Party into his scheme, the sooner we will see more action by Democrats with Republicans of the sort we need now.

But all of this, important as it may be, is only a smaller element in the whole picture. World developments flowing from China and Putin’s Russia have been far more determinative in shaping the new environment. Beyond and above all of this, and enclosing and shaping it all, is the nature of man himself, which is expressed by the total conception of LaRouche’s Four Laws, and which becomes explicit in his statement of the Fourth Law.

Weekend events are planned. The next “Hamiltonian” will be out Tuesday. Activity will be planned for Capitol Hill. There will be a rally in New York City next Thursday. All of our contacts and activists will be moved towards action immediately around the “Four Laws,” and the new upcoming digital pamphlet on those Laws.

Be the first to know when we launch our upcoming campaign, please sign our current petition. Our current petition signers will be the first to know when the new campaign drops fully.

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