British Government Directs U.S. “Allies'” Intelligence Surveillance against United States, Trump

British direction of the intelligence operation to overthrow President Trump for seeking normal relations with Russia, is an open secret. Three weeks ago, Newsweek published an article describing extensive coordination between U.S. purported “allies” in NATO in intelligence surveillance against the now-President of the United States, and flatly asserted that said surveillance was initiated by Her Majesty’s Government of Great Britain.

The intelligence collection has been conducted “out of concerns that Russia is seeking to manipulate its relationships with Trump administration officials as part of a long-term plan to destabilize the NATO alliance,” Newsweek‘s Kurt Eichenwald wrote on Feb. 15. His sources reported that surveillance ranges from intercepting telephone calls to gathering electronic and human source information. Communications intercepts by “at least one Western European ally” before the inauguration turned up discussions between Trump advisors and Russian government officials, including Gen. Michael Flynn, Newsweek was told.

“The Western European intelligence operations began in August, after the British government obtained information that people acting on behalf of Russia were in contact with members of the Trump campaign. Those details from the British were widely shared among the NATO allies in Europe,” Eichewald wrote.

Eichenwald also was told which “allied nations intercepted the communications and are gathering intelligence on Trump associates,” but only on condition those countries not be named, because the U.S. President just might object. (Eichenwald did, however, cite German electronic surveillance of Trump’s Azerbajijani business partner.)

Two days later, the UK-based edition of International Business Times featured the Newsweek story on how “U.S. allies in Europe are conducting intelligence operations against President Trump’s staff and business associations and intercepting communications between advisors in the White House and Russian government officials.” A senior research fellow at London’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Ewan Lawson, tried to deflect the impact of this exposure of the British role, by telling International Business Times that “it is entirely understandable that European intelligence agencies would be intercepting communications with Russian officials, and I would suggest that they are the target rather than the Trump administration.”

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