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Diane SARE:  Good afternoon, I’m Diane Sare with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, welcome to our weekly discussion. Today is Monday, March 6, 2017.  I am speaking to you from the Manhattan area, and I’m joined here via video by Rachel Brown from Boston, Massachusetts; Dave Christie from Seattle, Washington; and Kesha Rogers is with us today from Houston, Texas.

And just to get things started, I will say that I think everybody has kind of a sense that there is a great battle underway, for the future of civilization.  And in the United States it takes a particular form which is the unbelievable, hysterical freakout which is continuing and being fanned and escalated by the lying news media as President Trump has called it, the “fake news,” continued hysteria about various contacts between Russian and Trump administration officials; never mind the fact that there has been no proof shown yet of Russian hacking of the U.S. elections. And we had a discussion with Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche prior to this broadcast, where Mr. LaRouche wanted to emphasize, emphatically, the role of the British in this: This was the topic of our dossier on the Ukraine color revolution, comparing that to what’s going, what’s being fomented in the United States.  I would remind people of the role of quote/unquote “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele and his “dodgy dossier” that the FBI was going to be paying him for, at least covering his expenses — there is no question of the origin of that.  And I will also remind viewers that on March 1st, there was a frontpage article in the New York Times that discussed the fact that Obama has been in touch with intelligence agencies in the Netherlands — the Dutch — and the British, to monitor any contact between Trump officials and Russians all over Europe.

So it is the case, Trump is correct when he says that Obama is involved in a campaign to undermine him; this was further expressed by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch who I would remind people was one of the biggest protectors of HSBC, formerly the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, “HongShang,” one of the biggest drug-money laundering banks anywhere on the planet.  So her statement that “this has been done before, people have bled and even died” in resisting whatever she thinks is resisting, is alarming and should be an indicator that they intend to continue these attacks; as well as Obama holing himself up in his compound, his walled-in estate, together with his wife and Valerie Jarrett.  So that is the case.

Now, what is the hysteria about?  The hysteria is about the fact that there is a new paradigm that has come into existence, identified by Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche in 2013-2014 with two very important events:  One was the creation of the BRICS New Development Bank in Fortaleza, Brazil, in July 2014 — that is Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, creating a new form of investment bank that would allow long-term credit for great projects, for real global development; and the second bank that they established, the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA) to protect people, to protect themselves, their nations, from currency speculators like George Soros.  The other development was President Xi Jinping of China officially announcing the Belt and Road project.  And although the American fake news media have been careful to try and prevent Americans from knowing what’s going on, the pace of development among Asian nations, of what China is doing in Africa, of what’s happening in South America with the planned transcontinental railroad; and including even what prime minister Shinzo Abe proposed to President Trump when he was here, $150 billion to build high-speed rail corridors.

Now, we think there should be a transcontinental railroad, across the Bering Strait and so on, but these are all steps in the direction of a very promising new paradigm. Secretary of State Tillerson is going to be heading to Japan, China and South Korea, very soon, to engage in discussions with these nations. We know it’s been mooted that there’s the possibility that President Xi Jinping meeting with President Trump in May, this is a very optimistic potential which could end the British Empire and their geopolitical looting, and pitting nations against one another, once and for all; and the battle in a sense is very much being fought out right now in the streets of the United States and to that end, we’ll talk more about this later, but LaRouche PAC has declared a Week of Action which began last Thursday through this Thursday, to get the policies needed for the United States to join in the Belt and Road Initiative.  That’s emphatically the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and the entire Four Laws of the Hamiltonian credit and banking system, and the real commitment to scientific progress, to fusion energy platform, the space program.  If the United States does this, if President Trump upholds his promise to reinstate Glass-Steagall, then the United States can be an important player in this new paradigm which is a new era of “win-win collaboration” and the end of geopolitics.

So that’s where we are.  It couldn’t be more dramatic, and I think everyone here has a lot to say about it, and has been involved in activities over the last few days, where this has been evident.

Rachel BROWN: Just on the Four Laws, we just got a report from some of our work in Congress over the last few weeks, that on the one side there’s been a certain openness, because Obama’s not there, and the Obama era was an era of dictatorship; we do have a certain element of that being attempted again right now, with the anti-Russia insanity, but there was not a real political discussion that was free-wheeling under Obama.

But we’re getting reports that going into Congress recently, there’s been way too much partisan stuff, and this has really been stopping any discussion of policy; and this is exactly what all of this gang/countergang stuff is designed to do, is to stop the momentum for Glass-Steagall which was there in both parties, and the fact that the election signified the question of the economy first and foremost.  But make that point first, we can discuss it more later, but the fact that all of this stuff is designed to prevent a discussion of the solutions, and that that is really what people would want to hear, and in fact, do want to hear already.  That’s what we’ve found from our work going into these various events.

KESHA ROGERS:  I think it’s important to go back to the enemy at hand, and to recognize that it is the British Empire. Their intention has been to keep the United States from entering into this new paradigm potential which has continued to escalate. We look at what is happening right now around the continued development of China, where it’s now reported that just in the past three years, China has invested in the New Silk Road states $50 billion, with over 100 countries responding to the initiating of China just three years ago of joining with the New Silk Road, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, you have 50 inter-governmental agreements and 70 accords with international organizations that have come forth with the Belt and Road Initiative.

And right now, you look at people that are continuing the insane targetting of the sitting President of the United States, under the pretext that this is only to continue defend this imperial system of Wall Street, the collapsing financial system. And I think it’s important to go back to what Mr. LaRouche states at the onset to the Presidential election when President Trump was declared the winner, that this was not just a United States issue.  He was not elected because of a phenomenon directly related to the United States, but because of a global shift that was under way. And it’s important to go back to the developments that happened with the Brexit vote, with what has continued to escalate around nations rejecting this British Empire failed system, Wall Street’s bankruptcy;  and that now, the potential for the United States, for the United States to join with the New Silk Road/Belt and Road Initiative is fully under way, and that makes very clear the importance of the United States immediately taking up the principles explained in LaRouche’s Four Laws.

I will say, I know others will have further developments on this, that I think that that’s really what has to be looked at when we see the importance of this article that was put out by ConsortiumNews editor Robert Parry, “The Politics behind Russia-Gate” [https://consortiumnews.com/2017/03/04/the-politics-behind- russia-gate/] The article talks about the attacks on Trump coming from the former President Obama administration as already stated, people like former Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling for insurrection in the streets against Trump, calling for his impeachment, and in many cases, even calling for his assassination; and all of this being centered around an escalated attack against Russia, which the writer continues to make the point that it could leave to nuclear annihilation and the whole intention is to so-called “back President Trump against the wall” and make it difficult for him to collaborate with Russia because he’s going to “look weak” if he makes any moves to collaborate with Russia.

But I think the main point of this is, yes, the insanity of going into a nuclear confrontation with Russia has been clearly recognized by certain layers, but the reality of where this is coming from, that Obama, Loretta Lynch, these individuals work on behalf of the British Empire, and their intention is to destroy this potential for the United States to break with this current existing system, and to be brought into the new paradigm immediately for an economic recovery for the nation and the world at large.  So we should say more about that, but I wanted to put that out first.

DAVE CHRISTIE:  To follow up on the fact that it is the British, something that Mr. LaRouche stressed repeatedly is that it is the intention of the British oligarchy to reduce global population to less than 2 billion, in their rosier, happier days, less than a billion; and with the idea that they know that the very existence of the new paradigm requires a new concept of statecraft, or requires a concept of statecraft that our republic was instrumental in founding as a concept on the planet.  And that concept is, is that all nations, as republics exist for the general welfare, and exist for the posterity, as it says in the Preamble to our Constitution and are governed by the consent of the governed, not some imperial outlook, not some monarchy or so forth.

And therefore, the reason that they have to crush this is that they have to crush the new paradigm is that the kind of collaboration and coordination would get wildly out of their control, out of the control of the British oligarchy and therefore, they have called repeatedly for reducing the global population.

A lot of people say, “well, why don’t the British or Wall Street, or the London financial circle, why can’t they look at the Silk Road and see this as a great investment opportunity, look at China’s booming economy, right?” But that’s the reason, is they’re not looking from the standpoint of wealth generation and the capability for all nations to participate in wealth generation; they look at their ability to control and rule over mankind as the fight between Zeus and Prometheus represents, the idea that a ruling oligarchy determines the existence of the mere peasants that Prometheus tried to lift out being “mere peasants,” with the gift of fire.

But I think that has to be realized, because otherwise none of this makes sense.  Why is there this push towards, as the Robert Parry article reflects on, a push toward something that could end in nuclear warfare?  Why was the Obama administration pushing this?  And it is to destroy this potential of the new paradigm; or, I think the other way that they intend to destroy it is through the political chaos operation that’s being run, obviously, as we see inside the United States and similarly in Europe, as you could see as Helga Zepp-LaRouche laid out over the weekend, you could see a sort of a chaos and even going towards civil war where the very ability for the Silk Road to have a terminus, from across Central Asia, across Russia, and ending up in Europe; or as Diane mentioned, going the other direction through Trans-Siberian Railroad and across the Bering Strait, to here; that if those two termini are taken out, then what’s the point of the Silk Road?

And  the question of the British oligarchy out to reduce global population and prevent the existence of governments that would act as republics and act in concert with each other through these infrastructure developments and collaboration, that that is the end of their system and they know it.  And that is why they’re going to such great lengths to push the world to thermonuclear annihilation or just the political chaos that could erupt into civil war and destroy Europe and the United States.

So I think the key is if the Trump administration understands that, then that’s going to give them the fighting edge.  And I think a lot of Americans are very happy that there has been this strike back against Obama, but again, as Mr. LaRouche identified it’s not just Obama, it is the British Empire behind him, and that’s always been behind him.

ROGERS:  I was just going to say, look at drug epidemic, look at what’s been done to the people of this nation, and you think about the fact that you had Loretta Lynch coming out and likening that the demonstrations and the insurgency against Trump to the civil rights movement.  And was made very clear this like the Ukrainian Maidan coup.  But the American people have to recognize that this has been an intentional targetting and attack on the minds, the future of the people of this nation, and the planet.  As Dave stated this has included an intentional population reduction:  When you can intentionally destroy a population through drugs, through taking their future away, to taking the potential away for them to participate productively in increasing the power, knowledge, and productivity of mankind in society, by having a great majority of your citizens strung out on drugs.

And one of the things you have to look at, is, when President Trump made his State of the Union address on Feb. 28 and made a very strong case for fighting against the drugs whose increases are devastating this nation, that had a direct targetting on the Obama apparatus and the British Empire, who have been pushing these drugs on the population; as said, refusing to jail these City of London and Wall Street bankers, refusing to actually take on the big money-laundering drug cartels and banks which have pushed this on the population.

The American people have a direct responsibility to act, to recognize that what Mr. LaRouche put on the table in 2014 with the Four Laws and the fact that the enemy was absolutely adamant this this policy could not go anywhere, and were making sure that the policy to implement Glass-Steagall was stopped, that we cannot allow this any more.  That’s why this mobilization this week, and if we’re going to actually organize the Trump administration and Presidency around the only possible solutions to get the nation out of this crisis, it’s going to be by taking up directly Lyndon LaRouche, to bring LaRouche into the presidency, to take up LaRouche’s Four Laws:  This is what Congress has to do, and it can’t be a Democratic versus Republican issue.  This is a question of the nation, and it’s a question of a bipartisan force to move the country to wipe out this bankrupt Wall Street financial system, and bring a new system of relations among nations including the United States, joining with the New Silk Road, so that we can stop this insanity that is devastating our country and the people of our nation for far too long.

SARE: I just wanted to add that it’s really important for Americans to have some sense of the fight, particularly the patriotic Americans all us met over this weekend on Saturday, when there was a march for Trump, a day of demonstrations, when probably thousands if you added up all the demonstrations in every town and city, thousands of Americans took to the street to protest the attacks on the Presidency and to voice their support for President Trump.  And what we saw at these meetings, which I think everyone knows, is LaRouche’s forecast on his 90th birthday in 2012, of the end of political parties.  I met people at a rally in New Jersey who had been a major campaigner for the Democratic candidate for governor in the last elections;  she said, “Yeah, I was a Democrat just because I hate [New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie so much.”  Now here she is at the Trump rally.

One of my colleagues, Bruce Todd, who ran for lieutenant governor when I ran for governor; he’s a millwright.  He worked on many of the nuclear power plants in the state and so on.  He was at another candidate for governor in the next election, who had been very active with the Bernie Sanders campaign.  He said, “most of the buildings trades union representatives who were at this Democratic candidate’s meeting, were all Trump voters.  They had voted for Trump.  And I know Mike Steger [Policy Committee member in San Francisco] had sent across an article from the West Coast where they’re saying the Republican Party now looks like it will be the party of the poor.”

Well — which Republican Party? Just like you could say which Democratic Party?  Is it the Republican Party of Paul Ryan and people who want to slash the budgets, or John McCain who wants to overthrow Putin, or…?

In other words the whole party structure really doesn’t even exist.  And we have to get people to fight on the level of principle.  And I bring it up because there’s a certain kind of slave mentality that I think has been brought into the American people just because we’ve had actually decades of insanity from the Presidency!  You can take the last 16 years as extreme, where you had the Bush and Cheney administration covering up for the Saudi and British role in 9/11; lying about weapons of mass destruction, torturing people, trying to privatize Social Security, which they failed at; and then you have the Obama administration under which the suicide rates, heroin overdose rate has exploded, we have wars in, I don’t know, 14 countries that we’re bombing or something!  Drone strikes, killing people, etc.  And the standard of living of course has completely collapsed!

So people are thinking very small! They’re saying, “Oh, if I could just get this little crumb.  Oh, I would have something if that mean immigrant hadn’t come over here.”  The immigrants are not the problem.  In fact, if we did what LaRouche is talking about, we probably would not even have enough people in the United States to do the work that is required; we’d actually be happy to have people coming in who want to work hard and build the nation.  What Americans need to be thinking about is what is the potential before us?  If China was able over a generation or two to lift 700 million people out of the most abject poverty, into conditions where they now have running water, electricity, a decent education, I mean, that is double the population of the United States!  So, could we not determine to very rapidly raise the standard of living here, in collaboration with these other nations?  Shouldnt we actually be considering not just how to fix a pothole on the Cross-Bronx Expressway, but maybe we should be worried about whether we can predict when an earthquake is going to hit, or maybe we can prevent an asteroid from hitting the planet and wiping all of us out together?  Maybe we should be working with China and Russia on these problems.

And I think what you see is the effect of decades of pessimism and despair, that people become very small about what they are demanding, and I think this is why we are stressing LaRouche’s Four Laws;  and also, we are going to releasing this week, at least electronically, an upgraded, new pamphlet on what these Four Laws mean and how that would bring the United States into the Silk Road.  But no one should settle for anything less than the most advanced development of mankind on every level: cultural, life expectancy, health, etc.

CHRISTIE:  To echo what you had said around the breakdown of the party system, I don’t think it’s any secret that in Washington State, the Democratic Party was very much for Bernie Sanders, and four of Clinton’s pledged delegates to vote for her in Electoral College, backed out — three voting for Colin Powell, and one for an activist around the Dakota pipeline. Anyway, the point being, even the chair of the state Democratic Party here acknowledged, we’ve got to re-brand ourselves away from what we see coming out of the DNC, because they’re facing a revolt.  And I think this is nationally, that as Diane mentioned, what Mr. LaRouche called for that it was going to be the end of the party system.  And frankly all you see is the loyalty to Obama, which is granted there’s this cult following that he has across the nation in terms of average Americans, but largely is what you have is a capitulation to him that you’re seeing from the likes of the Schumers and the others within the Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives, somewhat shamelessly, or just embarrassing activities.  I saw Maxine Waters do this blathering attack about how Russia is taking over the country, and so forth — very embarrassing.  But the reality is, the reason that they’re capitulating to this, whether they’re realizing they’re playing into the British hand of starting a war against Russia or not, but they’re capitulating to Obama because they capitulated to him for eight years, just as they capitulated to Bush and Cheney eight years before that!

And the importance of what Mr. LaRouche has done with the Four Laws is an echo of what Roosevelt did, but Roosevelt’s statement, we have to speak not of parties but of universal principles.  And the Four Laws makes a very clear statement of principle.  It’s not a series of steps,  — it has the elements of Glass-Steagall and national banking, infrastructure, credit system, science driver, it has those elements, it has those elements but it’s a statement of principle of how does mankind actually develop?  You have to be looking to the future.  Any given state of existence will go into attrition unless you’re preparing for the next creative outpouring of society and the next platform of economic existence.  And that actually defines how you carry out the general welfare and how you move forward, and that is the principle contained in the Four Laws, and we have to bring that sense of principle to this political dialogue, to get rid of the partisan structure that you already hate anyway, but lock into what a concept of principle is.  If people have a sense of principle, then the predicates how to carry out the principle unfold.

BROWN:  Right.  That was discussed in the New York meeting this weekend by John Sigerson on the end section of the Four Laws [http://www.larouchepub.com/lar/2014/4124four_laws.html] on Vernadsky, that man’s creativity is a necessary part of the Universe itself, it’s not something that’s outside of it.  and LaRouche emphasizes the affirmative principle — and Kesha also brought this up, and maybe she could say more — but that the only knowable principle is an affirmative positive principle, meaning that it’s not protesting or something which is what all these  leftists or if there were another person in office, right groups would be doing.  It’s not a protest.

The only true nature of man is creation, the creation of something positive and that principle is not outside of the Universe, it’s actually something the most important thing in the Universe: The fact that there is a developmental process and that man creates that, most emphatically as the only species that can create that.

So, I don’t know if Kesha wants to say more, but I’ll just say one thing about these “left” groups and these protests, which is dominating the media, if you can call it that — the pedigree of this stuff is known.  For one, this is all Obama.  You’ve never seen it before where you had a former President, within weeks, calling for an uprising, condoning the overthrow of the current, incoming President within weeks!  When Obama should have been impeached!  Not Trump, Obama should have been impeached!

And now you have Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General, advocating for uprising in the streets, including bloodshed that that is a necessary part of the current situation.  And so, this does remind you of where Obama came from which is the Chicago Weatherman circles, Bill Ayers was one of his first entrances into politics was 1995, a fundraising meeting at the house of Bill Ayers.  Now, when you have these George Soros, leftist, “progressive,” environmentalist, lower identity groupings, this is where it’s coming from, is that model.  It’s not a surprise, it’s degenerate; LaRouche said the point is, is what are you going to do about it?

One thing is just to identify it, that we know what this is. And that what we did earlier, what the LaRouche organization has always done, is to intervene with scientific solutions around the economy, and to demonstrate the actual intention of these protests which is actually to foment a terrorist mentality, a mentality which is coincident with what we saw with the Weathermen, which was terrorism, and you’re also getting that with the violence of the protests today.

So this is regime-change  à la Soros and the British.  Obama is an operation of that British establishment, that’s all he ever was, and it’s time to get rid of him.

ROGERS:  Rachel, I wanted to come back to the point that you made on this question of the nature of man, because it really is what  Mr. LaRouche has emphasized and characterized in the creative thinking of Krafft Ehricke.  Where Krafft Ehricke takes on this principle of growth versus no-growth, and that’s what you’re dealing with: That the intention of the British Empire is to continue to promote the idea of a limitation to the creative powers of mankind, a limits to growth.  And Krafft Ehricke takes this up directly in his Extraterrestrial Imperative where he goes directly after the “limits to growth” operation, this no-growth, what they call a “growth through multiplication” and says that growth in contrast to multiplication is the increase in knowledge, in wisdom, in the capacity to grow in new ways.  And that’s what nature shows us in the first place, on a very large scale.  The entirety of evolution is growth, not multiplication.

That is directly what is defined in the principles of Mr. LaRouche’s Four Laws, where he develops the conception of Vernadsky, what is it of the creative capacity of mankind to create what has never been created before, to be a part of creation.  And we’re not just talking about something that just comes as a succession of one step after the other, but this is why the space program is so important: That you’re talking new principles, new platforms, as we’ve already discussed on numerous occasions, in increasing man’s power in the Universe.  And that’s what people really have to get excited about in terms of the fight around Mr. LaRouche’s Four Laws and what they truly represent.  That we’re not just a part of a linear progression of growth or a limitation to our capabilities.

But what we can bring together in terms of what is represented by the fact that there is not a party system, as Diane pointed out, that right now, the way you can bring people together is on the highest level of these principle.  We’ve found that in the campaigns, my campaigns for Congress, that Republicans, Democrats, Independents came together because it wasn’t just the space program and that potential and the fight for the future and bringing optimism back to the society, it’s just not a Democratic issue, or a Republican issue.  When you brought up the role of  John F. Kennedy as the President of the United States and his vision and what he did, people don’t say, “well, he’s a Democratic President and he was promoting the space program for the Democratic Party.”  No! They don’t say that! They say, that was a President for all people for all time, and we have to actually reflect on that vision, and bring that quality of vision to bear once again.

SARE:  As Rachel was speaking, what I was thinking about was, what happened in Germany, the slogan of the demonstrators, in 1989, “Wir sind das Volk,”:  “We are the people.”  It was not an anti-something, except anti-oppression, but “We are the people,” we deserve to be treated as human beings, and an oppressive economic and Stasi police-state system is acceptable for human beings.

And what we saw also in many of these rallies, the report coming in from Washington, D.C.,  to the pro-Trump rallies, people were coming from all over, from Ohio, from rural parts of Maryland, or as Trump had called them, picking up on Franklin Roosevelt’s term, “the forgotten men and women,”  — that you have people who have been formerly productive members of society who took great pride in what they were able to contribute through their work, through their insight to future generations; having been robbed of this capability by an absolutely insane, criminal, economic and monetary process.

So I think in a sense, this model, “Wir sind das Volk,” and what happened there, as people know, when the Berlin Wall fell down, is that the theme of that revolution was Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with the Ode to Joy of Friedrich Schiller, about the brotherhood of mankind, and the music of Beethoven, a real affirmation of what it is that makes people human.

And it is the case that the Donald Trump Presidency, as Mrs. LaRouche said, reaching out to Russia, reaching out to China, bringing this potential into being, he could be the President that actually unites the United States, where his predecessors, both Bush and Obama, were completely divisive to the point of what you and Rachel both have been stressing, which is tantamount to civil war.

ROGERS:  We definitely have a lot of work to do.  If there’s more on the call for the Week of Action, and what’s going to be going on, maybe we should give our listeners a sense of what they can be doing right now.

SARE:  Well, we have the new petition, which is online [http://lpac.co/sign4laws]  and people can text, let’s get that up on the screen, people can text to 52886 [text 4laws to 52886] and if you want to opt out, you can type in stop later, and fees may apply.  But at any rate people should add their names to this petition as rapidly as possible.  People should be watching the LaRouche PAC website [http://www.larouchepac.com] because our new pamphlet will available there in electronic version, which means it can be circulated far and wide, so you should start thinking now about where you want to get this, what organizations who can circulate further;  building trades unions would be crucial; people involved in aerospace; people involved in living, period — it’s relevant for the entirety of the American population.

I would also like to remind everybody that on Thursday we have a conference call at 9 p.m. Eastern.  Everyone should join us for that.  You can get in online, and there’s instructions also to call in to register for this on the website.

But we must do everything we can to put the real agenda for mankind on the table, and unify the nation around that even as we obliterate the remnants of the British Empire in the form of Obama and his George Soros moneybags.

So I think that’s what we have for today:  And I would encourage everyone to study hard, get the material, circulate the petitions, join us on the Thursday call, and join us here at larouchepac.com next week.

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