British Agents: Louise ‘Unmensch’ Wants To Meet Christopher Steele To Impeach President Trump

Louise Mensch, the former British Conservative parliamentarian at the center of the latest “get Trump” operation, has been getting some more undeserved attention. Mensch — better referred to as “Unmensch,” a German word signifying someone who has no redeeming qualities for humanity — was on BBC’s popular Sunday Politics show, calling for Trump’s impeachment because of his “obvious” ties to Russia before the election.

“That’s cheating,” she said, “in the sense he’ll be impeached for it and should go to jail for it, rightly, really, and so should everybody in his campaign that colluded, which is more or less everybody in his campaign.”

Ms. Unmensch has been featured by the Daily Beast claiming that she has had firm reports since October of FISA Court FBI warrants in the United States revealing Trump ties to Russia. She had them, she says, due to her close ties to British intelligence, and their “trust” for her. Now, in a March 12 NBC-TV interview, Unmensch said that Trump’s charge of intercepts at Trump Tower is “real news, not fake,” but by revealing it during an ongoing investigation [of himself], he had committed the “impeachable crime of obstruction of justice. He’s in impeachable trouble, obstruction of justice trouble,” she repeated.

Unmensch was also the center of a feature article in Sunday’s (Murdoch-owned) London Times, and articles last week in NPR and the Daily Beast. The picture that is emerging, however, is one of a troubled operative, who believes she is a “temporary superpower,” one who, because of “raging ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder], is capable of intense concentration, not to mention that, she “really cares.” One source, commenting on her allegation of Trump having Breitbart killed in order to advance Bannon, said, “This is crazy talk,” another more bluntly saying, “She’s batsh*t crazy.”

With 178,000 “followers” of her Twitter feed, Mensch churns out a steady stream of expletive-laden tweets, determined to prove what she argues is “blindingly obvious,” that Donald Trump won the election only with Russian help. In December, 2016, she “quietly relinquished” her control of Heat Street to “pursue unspecified digital projects at the site’s parent company, News Corp.,” according to the Daily Beast.

Today, Mensch told the Times, her one desire is that she “really [wants] to meet Chris Steele” — British intelligence author of the infamous “dossier” on Trump’s alleged bribery by Russians. She said of Steele, “I ‘heart’ you so much and I just really want to meet you in the worst way. I am such a fangirl.”

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