China Initiative Wants To Help Trump’s 2026 U.S.A. Vision; British Intelligence Wants To Impeach or Kill Him

President Trump in a cabinet meeting. March 13, 2017.


If the growing number of reports that Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will meet in Florida next month are true, the way is open for President Trump to collaborate with China’s global growth and progress driver — the so-called New Silk Road or Belt and Road Initiative — as Barack Obama refused to do. The horizon goals Trump set out for America’s “250th Anniversary” in 2026 — peace with nations including our current “adversaries,” a renewed modern economic infrastructure, “our footsteps on distant worlds” — would then have far better prospect of being reached. Those goals are not on the leadership’s agenda of either of the United States’ warring political parties.

The British intelligence and security apparatus has turned Democratic Party shock at Trump’s election victory, into a full mobilization, still at high intensity, to remove him by impeachment or resignation. Some at high levels of the European elites would contemplate assassination as well. One British intelligence operative after another (the latest reported in detail in this Briefing) has injected “the intelligence to destroy Trump” into the American political process, through Obama and his George Soros faction of Democrats. Monday, March 20 is another targetted, key date in their effort to bring Trump down by fake scandals, if Obama Democrats keep playing the fool for it.

The British oligarchy cannot bear the idea of a U.S. President rejecting geopolitics and financial empire, in favor of national development and “win-win” cooperation among the major powers — United States, Russia, China, India, Japan, and others. This is what is at stake in upcoming meetings with Xi Jinping and, perhaps, with Russian President Putin.

The goals of rebuilding America’s infrastructure, of returning to the Moon permanently and going beyond, cannot be reached otherwise. There is not the $5-8 trillion needed for a new, high-technology U.S. infrastructure system without the world’s champions at this, China and Japan particularly, taking part. The Belt and Road Initiative, as China now calls its global building initiative, is key to this new paradigm; and also to prospects of peace in the Middle East in collaboration with Russia.

It is useful that the Belt and Road Initiative’s summit leader, Yang Jiechi, is also the man who spent two days of meetings with Trump’s team in Washington and New York last month. But the critical actions to make this work are up to us. That means breaking Wall Street’s power by forcing through a Glass-Steagall banking reorganization; pushing forward a Hamiltonian national credit institution which the United States entirely lacks; and keeping “rebuilding America” at the highest level of fusion power development and exploration of the solar system. Lyndon LaRouche put forward these “four laws to save the United States” several years ago, precisely to achieve this goal of collaboration which represents his entire life’s work. And he’s warned that the British crown powers will not tolerate “losing” the United States to this new paradigm; they must be defeated for it to come to fruition.


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