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DIANE SARE:  Good afternoon and welcome to the weekly talk with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee.  I’m Diane Sare and I’m in the Manhattan area.  Today is Monday, March 13th, and I’m joined on video by Rachel Brown in Boston, Massachusetts; by Mike Steger from San Francisco, California; and by Kesha Rogers in Houston, Texas.

Our meeting today, actually there is some very important news which has just broken which is that President Trump has indeed invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet with him April 6th-7th in Mar a Lago, Florida.  This is a very promising development.  It certainly could put us on a trajectory to do what Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche both have considered very important, which is that the United States join the Belt and Road and that President Trump specifically participate in the Belt and Road Forum coming up in China in May.

I just want to say that it is important to take a step back and reflect on why this potential would cause such a freakout in the British Isles or namely from the British oligarchy, the British Monarchy, and financial system as epitomized by Wall Street in the United States.  The backdrop as it has been and as LaRouche emphatically forecast in July of 2007, is bankrupt—the trans-Atlantic system is nothing but a shell game and what has happened since 2008 is simply more and more money was flooded into the system to disguise—to prop up the stock market, various markets while in the trans-Atlantic world, the standard of living plummeted.  In the United States explicitly over the last 16 years, but accelerated badly under President Barack Obama, you have had now an increase in the death rate of the American population, and this increase has been brought about by diseases of despair: namely, suicide, drug overdoses, alcoholism, real measures of a terrible decline and a terribly depressed state of the population.

Meanwhile, the work that Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche have been dedicated to for the last nearly half-century, at least in his case, to create a new system or to build the world that Franklin Roosevelt intended at the end of World War II ,where the British Empire, the Dutch, the Belgians—where they give up their colonies and nations actually gain their full independence and are able to relate in a new way for the common aims of mankind, that is now coming into existence as was initiated in 2014 in a Fortaleza, Brazil meeting and with Xi Jinping’s 2013 announcement of the One Belt, One Road program. So that if the United States is to shift, is to stop being the enforcer of a British imperial, geopolitical game and instead orient to the work that China is leading, that Russia is leading, then the entire world changes and it’s the end of geopolitics forever.

It is that and it is for that reason that these absolutely unfounded and ridiculous and outrages and even potentially life-threatening attacks against President Trump have been launched.  All of them have originated in London with the help of little cat’s paws like Barack Obama and his controller on behalf of the Empire, Valerie Jarrett.

The last thing that I will just say is that in today’s New York Times is a wonderful full-page ad taken out by Xinhua, which has the headline, “Xi Jinping:  Leader of China’s Great Revival.”  It has a picture of Xi Jinping and President Putin at the APEC Summit in 2014, and it speaks of the extraordinary successes of China under Xi Jinping’s leadership to lift literally millions of people out of poverty, to create actually millions of jobs in the United States in trade-related and other relationships between the U.S. and China, and the commitment of China to eradicate poverty in China by 2020.  And it’s very optimistic. It’s probably the only thing worth reading in the New York Times, and I think the timing of it has very much to do with what we now know will be this very, very promising meeting between President Trump and Xi Jinping.  I think that’s an exciting way to start off today’s discussion.

MICHAEL STEGER:  In light of what you just referenced, Diane, the question of the success of the Belt and Road:  Because we’ve gotten reports from people in China that there is an unexpected success to the Belt and Road.  It’s interesting to know some of the history and background of this project because early in the 1990s, Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche went to China and started to discuss with them this potential of a relationship between what was then the unification of Europe where East and West no longer divided by the communist and capitalist systems, but then moving that into Russia and then eventually into China and Central Asia and that whole correspondence.

At the time apparently, there were people in China who recognized that they had built up such wealth and development on the coastal areas, but much of the interior parts of China, the southern parts of China remained very much undeveloped, so they wanted to see if they could develop these areas.  Much of it was that they would develop it but it would just come at a great cost.  They didn’t necessarily see the advantages of moving west across the Eurasian continent into Europe. And then still for many people, it was seen as going from China to Europe and that it was just a faster transportation route.  What I think people are beginning to discover is that this kind of project creates entirely new areas of wealth and of human development than anyone could expect, from an accountant or a monetarist economic perspective—that you’re generating in areas of industry, of resources, of population, of trade that never even existed, weren’t even on the map of anyone thinking about global economics at the time.

So, you’re starting to get this kind of success regarding a physical project.  And so there is this discussion that is taking place that is changing.  It’s almost shocking to us in the United States that China is not only going to be building these high-speed rails everywhere, but is now bringing maglev technology to their urban transportation systems.  I live in the Bay area; we have the BART; it was built in the 1970s.  You practically have to wear earplugs just to ride it, it is so loud. So the fact that they have maglev rail now going up, it is going to be very important that more Americans, especially members of Congress—I would recommend that many of the Republicans who want to look at so-called China’s “economic problems” or the assumption that they might have, go look at what China’s economic program actually looks like.

But it comes back to then, I think the counterpoint to this situation, In the last four months, we have seen the media present Donald Trump as the “great crisis” to Western civilization, the crisis to democracy, the crisis of freedom of the press, the crisis of freedom of speech—this great crisis. You have to take a step back and go, “Wait a minute. So, Donald Trump is somehow the great crisis.”

Well, Donald Trump ran a campaign on the fact that there is a major economic crisis.  In his speech to the joint session of Congress, he laid out 97 million people not working.  At least half of those people want to be working right now.  Then you have the drug addiction, the loss of life expectancy—we’ve covered this on LaRouche PAC in our discussions before, but that crisis didn’t go away. There is a real breakdown, and it’s not just a breakdown of production. You have a breakdown in the cultural itself, with the drug addiction, with the people on disability, you have a loss of an understanding of what economics actually is.

In some cases, maybe that’s good because what people thought was economics, the so-called “free market” program, their now also realizing that isn’t working.  You can’t just keep putting more money into the system and expect it somehow to lift up the entire nation.  A different approach has to be taken.

At the same time, they see that with Obama that what he did—doubling the debt of the United States didn’t function, so how do you resolve this?  I think what is interesting about what we’ve discussed as the Four Laws, LaRouche’s Four Laws, how we join the United States to the Silk Road perspective internationally.  It’s bringing back to the powers of the Presidency a commitment that someone like Alexander Hamilton foresaw when he shaped this process, when he shaped this institution. Because it is a conception of the government, especially the institution of the Presidency to have a long-term view of the country, to initiate and establish a renaissance for the nation.  This is what Lincoln did.  This is what Franklin Roosevelt did.  It wasn’t simply economic steps or procedures. And it wasn’t, and is not, an economic formula.  The Four Laws is a principle. When you read full document http://loss … to a higher creative power of the human species and the power of the Presidency to enact that, to promote and provoke that quality of creative response.

In New York City, there was a burgeoning renaissance after Lincoln.  Even Donald Trump, the President, referenced the Centennial Fair in Philadelphia in 1876; but in New York, there was a burgeoning of Classical music, 10,000-person choruses. There was discussion of a National Conservatory of Music.  There was a real cultural optimism that springs forth that creates even greater economic development; and this is something that John Kennedy also inspired with the space program.

So, I think we’ve got this real crisis—not Trump, not the threat to democracy—the real threat to our civilization is the inability so far, to address this crisis in the way that Mr. LaRouche has prescribed for over 40 years now.

SARE:  Just along the lines of what you were saying, I was thinking we heard this weekend that this new tunnel in Uzbekistan has been opened and it’s 21 kilometers or something like that, and it was the case that prior to building the tunnel, if you wanted to ship goods even within Uzbekistan, you had to go out of the country and come back in, because nobody could get around these mountain ranges.  Of course, this created incredible difficulties for anyone involved; imagine having to go through Customs twice—once to leave the country and once to get back in, just to get fresh vegetables or something from one part of the country to the other.

I watched over the weekend this little video clip where they described building this thing which was quite an extraordinary feat.  They had all kinds of hazards.  There’s a phenomenon in the type of rock that the tunnel often would just collapse, and there would just be tons of rock rolling everywhere and people had to figure out how to deal with this, and also not have people get killed when one such accidents occurred.  But then the enormous pride, and they interviewed one of the people who worked on it, and he said, “This has been so exciting for me to be involved in it. One, I’m actually getting paid a decent wage; I’m getting paid far more than anything I was doing before; and two, I’ve learned a skill.  I’m now a skilled person who can actually make a contribution.”

I think this typifies these places that you’re talking about, where places that many people have never heard of, never thought of, that have been completely left out of the progress of civilization, who now, as a result of these corridors of the Silk Road are going to be brought in, and on a level and with a speed, a rapidity that many people would tend to think not possible.

RACHEL BROWN:  I think what’s being left out of the discussion is this future discussion, and that it’s up to us to create the future, and the point, Mike, you made that this is the real thing holding anyone back, is the ability to conceive of real changes for the future.  And yes, this future is bright, if we overcome this British control in the United States.

This is a good discussion but just to attempt to help put a certain nail in the coffin of the British, just what they’re doing on this anti-Trump operation is very obvious right now. Many people, most people that I’ve spoken with, we’ve spoken with here from our organizing have a sense that this thing on Russia is insane and it’s desperate.  Since when did we get back into the Cold War?  This is really obvious.

Now you have also the Senator Grassley investigation which happened after Trump brought reality back into the picture and said, well how the hell did you find all this information supposedly on me in the first place?  Despite all of the wiretapping and fake dossiers from MI6 agents, there still hasn’t been any evidence presented. And in fact, the question is where did this evidence come from?  And if the FBI was willing to pay Christopher Steele for his horrible intelligence work, and the FBI was under President Obama at the time, then was the President using our intelligence and policy networks for political ends?

So this completely turns the tables and what Mr. LaRouche said, is that Obama always worked for the British and Soros, he never worked for the U.S., and this is what you see with this whole British apparatus of lawyers and the OFA.  This stuff is completely run from the top down, from Soros.

This thing is really on its last legs if people see it for what it is, and then we can move on with the future.

KESHA ROGERS:  OK, I seem to be having some technical difficulties, so I hope you can hear me.

I think just on that point you made Rachel in moving forward with the future, that’s what we’re seeing right now — I think I lost the connection…

SARE:  No, you’re back now.

ROGERS:  OK, that is what we’re seeing right now with the shift toward the new paradigm.  And this beautiful idea that was developed by the the top-level official State Councilor Yang Jiechi, where he discussed the role of the Belt and Road Initiative, I’m not sure if this was said already, but this idea of creating a “chorus of nations,” or a community of choruses, or what he calls as the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, he made the point … http://loss

SARE:  Now we can’t hear you, Kesha.  Let’s see if we can pick up from there.

STEGER:  Well, as Kesha was saying, in her reference to Yang Jiechi, he made these comments, and maybe when she gets back on she can say more about these particular comments…  You’re back now?

ROGERS:  I hope so.  I was just going to say that the initiation of the Belt and Road was a “win-win” commitment for all nations and that it was never to be what he called “Chinese solo,” but the better analogy he uses is a “symphony performed by an orchestra composed of all participating nations,” and I think that’s a beautiful conception and idea.

And then you also take the statements that came from the UN General Assembly President Peter Thomson who says that “Xi Jinping’s vision for the New Silk Road is the only future for humanity on this planet.”  Both Thomson and the UN Secretary General António Guterres have pledged that the United Nations have pledged to work with China to promote world peace and development and realize the goal of building a community of shared future for humanity.

And the point I wanted to emphasize on that is, as we look on this upcoming week, we stress a lot the vision and creative role of Krafft Ehricke, the German-American space pioneer, who contributed to this idea and conception of space travel and the development of the creative powers of mankind, as what he calls, mankind’s “extraterrestrial imperative.”  And in that conception of the extraterrestrial imperative, Krafft Ehricke talks about moving from a unipolar or what’s called a “closed world system,” to an open world system. And that open world system is where you have a shared commitment among nations for the development of all mankind, not only on the planet, but also off the planet, that it is the responsibility of mankind to carry out his extraterrestrial imperative, that the idea that you don’t have a limitation to the growth of mankind, that growth is a process of a human economy, growth is a process of organizing the development of what is called a “poly-global world.”

And that’s what you’re really seeing right now coming into existence, as more nations are starting to take up this commitment toward the new paradigm, toward this new conception of mankind in poly-global world, and that it is prerogative of mankind to go out and conquer, explore and investigate the mind of mankind throughout the Universe and throughout the Galaxy in space.

So I think as we see the shift continuing to escalate toward those nations, that is our primary focus right now.  Is that we have to bring, one, the United States into this beautiful perspective of the new paradigm, that the United States must join the Silk Road, and all of the developments that we’re seeing right now coming to the forefront, actually situates the United States to do just that.  And that means also that the United States, under President Trump and this administration, has to take up Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for economic development: Which means, Glass-Steagall immediately, and the development toward a science-driver mission orientation.

So I think as we go into next week with the — and we’ll hear more on thi and I’m sure we’ll have more activity, on the 100th anniversary celebration of Krafft Ehricke’s life, we can really see that there’s optimism, that with all of the destruction we’ve seen for the past decade or more, now that is being shifted toward a true vision for mankind being realized once again.

SARE:  I think we saw an example of that kind of optimism at the book signing that was held by Margot Lee Shetterly who wrote the Hidden Figures, where I understand something like 1,300 people showed up to get their books signed; and then when she asked for questions, 200 people raised their hands.  That kind of interest and degree of desired participation is unheard of.

I also seem to remember that this past year there was something like 18,000 people who signed up for NASA’s whatever it is, astronaut training, or some kind of program which was a super record.  So clearly Americans are hungry for not being in a backwards dark age.  And I think it’s very important that we consider the damaging effect of 16 years of Bush-Cheney, and Obama, being under the thumb of the British Empire in those two regimes.  Because in a sense, Americans, while they’re inspired, they tend very easily to fall back into smallness.  So an opportunity like this, when we had the meeting with Prime Minister Abe who was here, who wants to invest $150 billion in high-speed rail in the U.S.; but then this meeting with President Xi which represents the entirety of the planet, and the enormous potential that is there, that when people begin to get their minds around what the potential actually is, a lot of the smallness and petty grievances of things that people have been clinging to, can be dropped.

STEGER:  Yeah, and the quality of the optimism that Kesha captured in this question of the potential of these nations working together, there’s the summit in May — we should  make very clear — there’s the summit in May 14-15, which Diane you might have mentioned this at the beginning, but it’s just within approximately two months, at least 20 heads of state and government, maybe 30; hundreds of delegations from hundreds of countries participating, and potentially Donald Trump, and that’s certainly part of the discussion that we know Yang Jiechi and Xi Jinping could be having with President Trump previously, and in the upcoming discussion in April.

But this question of the optimism, this is the problem — I want to go back to what Rachel raised, because there is a coup, there’s clearly an attempted coup against the sitting President of the United States.  And it was just two weekends ago where Donald Trump counterpunch via his Twitter account, and made it very clear, and accused Obama directly of playing a direct role in the attempt to overthrow this administration, Prior to the election, after the election and ongoing.  We can document this with George Soros’s operations, Valerie Jarrett moving in with the Obamas three blocks from White House in a 9 bedroom mansion to orchestrate a coup that family friends of Obama say he intended for Trump to either resign or be impeached.  Ten calls for assassination, or coup, all over Europe, in Scotland and Ireland, and in Europe generally,

So there is clearly an absolute hysteria, and the hysteria of the media is not of their own making.  This is something that British intelligence, a British operation has spun, to attempt to overthrow Trump.  And there have been leading figures, people like Lt. Col. Tony Schaefer, former CIA member Larry Johnson, others who have pointed directly to the role of GCHQ, the role of MI6.

We know this Christopher Steele guy is to this day still being referenced, by Democrats and left-wing media, this is the guy that wrote the “dodgy dossier” on Trump, none of which was corroborated.  CNN, no news agency which reported on it month ago could stand by it.  Donald Trump denounced it as a press conference at Trump Tower, no one stood by, and yet to this day, they’re still referencing him as some kind credible witness and his report as somehow having any validity.  And the remarkable thing is, this is all they ever had, is this version of the “dodgy dossier.”  They never had anything else.  This goes back to Republican and Hillary Clinton opposition research which may have been paid by the FBI under Obama.  Now, there’s been an investigation into this.

So trumps counterpunch has opened up a lot of this question, the direct British role in this, the direct collaboration and collusion by British intelligence, with Obama, with Brennan, and with Obama’s DOJ.

And the point is, many people who are caught up in this, and you listen to a lot of the analysis and a lot of the discussion, because the intelligence community is on fire globally over what Trump could be up to; can he pull this off, can he eradicate the police state that was implemented after 9/11?  We all know it goes back much deeper, it goes back to the death of Franklin Roosevelt, to Allen Dulles, to the killing of Kennedy, but clearly in the modern period, these last 15, 16, 20 years, the 9/11 coup that was run against the United States under Bush and Cheney has created a massive police state.

Now, is Trump going to get at that question?  And every intelligence person, every military intelligence person is now engaged in this.  But what all of them miss is, what is the underlying basis, why was that coup run in the first place?  It was specifically run, 9/11 was run as exactly for the reasons Lyndon LaRouche laid out, that there was an economic crisis so deep then, at the end of the 20th century, that they had to go for a full coup, police state and war program, war targetting not just the countries of the Middle East, but also Russia and China, because they had to cover up for the bankruptcy of their economic and financial system.

And the fact that Trump is coming in now with the potential to work with Russia and China, to end this world war program that Obama was running against Russia emphatically, to end this war drive, to end this police state.  And also to go back to Glass-Steagall and end this financial bankruptcy, to restore a commitment from the United States toward development and to work with this Belt and Road perspective, all of the analysis of this coup misses this key economic aspect of the process; and the very real potential today, because if Trump’s going to consolidate this constitutional counter-coup it’s got to be in collaboration with these other nations. That’s where the strength exists: From Putin’s backing on the war on terror, China’s backing on the economic questions, the ability to rebuild the United States and the most advanced recovery program anyone has ever seen.

That’s the conception we now have.  That’s why the British are hysterical.  That’s why their media satraps are hysterical because they recognize that not only can Trump wage a war against them, he can ultimate win a real victory and consolidate this economic perspective.

So that aspect of this coup — and this coup is ongoing, it has not stopped.  They intend to either assassinate, overthrow, or impeach this President.  But the reason is why.  And the great power we have to end it, to end this British system is far greater than too many Americans understand.

ROGERS:  Yes, I do think that that’s what we’re embarking on right now, the end of the British Empire, the end of the system of colonialism, a system that has sought to keep mankind in a state of bestialization.  And that you have a maturity of mankind that’s now coming to the forefront. This is what people have to really look at, is where we’re going as a species.  That we are now defining a new system of economic value, and we’ve been talking about this a lot in terms of many discussions and classes that have been given on this website.

And with now, the publication of the new pamphlet, “The United States Joins the New Silk Road and LaRouche’s Four Laws,” what this indicates is that the conception of economic value that people have been conditioned to believe in, the system of money to be slaves to an imperial system, that’s about to be ended now. And now we’re moving toward a system of economic value based the idea of the creative powers of the human mind.  And I think that that’s really what people have to rid themselves of all of this belief or acceptance of an imperial system that seeks to keep them enslaved, and say that now, we’re going to actually move forward with this new conception of who we are as a species.

SARE:  Just along those lines of the banking question, I hope people didn’t miss that once again last week, Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, actually again confirmed Trump’s commitment to the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.  And there were shrieks and howls from Wall Street.  The bank stocks temporarily dropped, and so on.

This would be extraordinary, and Glass-Steagall is just the first step, but it is a big first step, and we should not underestimate it.  Because it literally allows the wiping out of this derivatives crap and also would force the books of the giant banks to be opened, which means the billions of dollars in drug-money laundering, funding of terrorism, the Saudi role in funding 9/11, various things, would be brought to light.  So you can imagine that there are certain Wall Street and British interests who are extremely unhappy about the potential, wish that it did not exist.

On the other hand, of course, if you have Glass-Steagall in effect, you have then a solvent, transparent, commercial banking system which makes it possible when other governments have U.S. Treasuries and things that they’d like to invest in the United States, or even if we start issuing certain forms of credit, you have to have a commercial banking system which is not simply a back doorway for the derivatives speculators to get their hands on something to back up their derivatives’ speculation.

So the fact that this has been brought up again, I’m sure is another factor of freakout, and I would definitely urge everybody’s who’s watching this, to, one, get the new LaRouche PAC pamphlet, which really is excellent; it’s just in electronic form so far, but hopefully very soon this week, will be available in a pdf, that you can print out and easily bring to events with your congressman and so on.  But it goes through LaRouche’s Four Laws with a great deal of substance, as much as you can put in 32 pages, and add your name, and get everyone else you know to add their names to the LaRouche PAC petition for Glass-Steagall and LaRouche’s Four Laws.  Congress is going to be in session for a few more weeks here, and we should put an enormous amount of pressure. And they should do something better with their time than getting all worked up about phony intelligence leaks and this and that.  I think Grassley’s investigation is legitimate, but there’s an awful lot of hoopla about things that are quite irrelevant.  And they should get to the business of allowing the nation to be rebuilt and to collaborate with the Silk Road.

STEGER:  Yeah, when we say the “press,” I think people will soon start to think of some kind of torture device, given the way the current media are responding.

This Glass-Steagall reference you made, there’s a potential that President Trump and candidate Trump clearly said, the final pages of this book have not been written.  They have to be written by the American people.  They have to engage in this kind of process.  And it’s important for the Americans to realize that we are fighting this with 5 billion people in world supporting these efforts to bring the United States back to its original conception, to launch a new Renaissance for mankind and to break from this Dark Age scenario that continues to trap Europe in the clutches of this imperial system.  And to open up a different kind of perspective of development.

So these next two months, going into this Belt and Road Forum in May in Beijing, we now know that in about a month Xi Jinping and Donald Trump will be meeting, there’s a lot of activity for Americans to engage in.  And to force both Democrats and Republicans to look at this Glass-Steagall and the Hamilton banking program as the only means for the United States to rebuild itself, and to join the rest of the world in rebuilding the world.

SARE:  Is there more?  I know they had showed the LaRouche PAC petition [] or [text 4LAWS to 52886] and the pamphlet [] and we should show it again: We really want everyone to add your name to this petition and to look at the electronic version of the pamphlet “LaRouche’s Four Laws & America’s Future on the New Silk Road.”  And everybody watching this should make a point of reading that as soon as possible!

And also contact the website:  If you have questions, if there are things that are not clear it would be really great to have a dialogue with the American people on one of the most important and profound issues that is facing mankind.  But we certainly have a very promising development, as I said at the beginning with this announcement that President Xi Jinping is going to, indeed, be meeting with President Trump on April 6-7 in Florida, and we very much look forward to that.

So let’s get to work and have an excellent week, and we’ll be back with you next week, same time, same place.

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