What Can You Do For Mankind?

Presidents of Russia and China seen here after agreeing to a large set of “Win-Win” economic cooperation projects. 2015. [en.kremlin.ru]


The worst thing that can happen to a bankrupt and decadent empire, whose continuing control depends on the mental malleability of their intended victim populations, is for people to start calling their bluff. That, much to the City of London and Wall Street’s dismay, is a key process underway planet-wide.

The Chinese government, for example, is brushing aside those who are urging confrontation between the U.S. and China, stating instead that there are “bright prospects for China-U.S. cooperation,” while reminding the world that “China will remain an important engine for world growth,” as Prime Minister Li Keqiang stated March 15. A meeting between presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump is now expected in early April.

Russia is also not going along with London’s “let’s-you-and- him fight” game. Top Russian analysts are dismissing the latest CNN video provocation against Vladimir Putin, by noting that “the West is now trying to use the last window of opportunity, which still exists before Putin meets with Trump, to demonize the figure of the Russian President.”

And inside the United States, there is growing ferment in the population and among political figures, of those who have had it with Wall Street and their Washington marionettes, and are instead in agreement with Lyndon LaRouche’s policy demands for a return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall law, and for the development of advanced scientific missions for Mankind such as fusion power and space exploration–along with the other elements of LaRouche’s Four Laws.

Lyndon LaRouche today responded to Wall Street’s insistence on sabotaging Glass-Steagall, and on shutting down what few nuclear energy plants are still functioning in the U.S. “This is a complete, witless mistake,” he stated. “We really have to fight this one and win; you cannot sustain the real economy without that protection,” the protection that is provided by nuclear energy and other advanced scientific capabilities.

LaRouche called on his associates to launch a national organizing thrust, to prompt a response in the population on these matters: It is a matter of action which has to be done. He stated that the life and work of the great German-American space pioneer Krafft Ehricke–who built the Saturn rocket that got the U.S. to the moon–should be used to that effect, because it is a live issue which points to the kind of improvements that are needed. Ehricke was a precious individual, a man who went all the way to deliver results. By supporting the memory of what he’s done for the nation and the world, we can pose the question for our fellow Americans:

What can you do for mankind? Not just for the immediate objective intentions of policy, but what can you do for their minds?



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