The War on the British Empire Heats Up

GCHQ Building at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Photo: Defence Images CC-SA


President Trump’s refusal to back down from his accusation that the Obama Administration is behind the surveillance and the illegal leaks of classified wire taps, as well as his refusal to deny the truth of Judge Napolitano’s revelations about GCHQ’s complicity (or, more likely, direct control) over the color revolution against the U.S. government, is driving the British Empire into panicked self-exposure.

The British press lied wildly on Friday that the U.S. had “apologized” for the White House press spokesman Sean Spicer quoting Napolitano’s charge against GCHQ. In fact, the British Ambassador to the U.S. approached Spicer at a reception, and Prime Minster May’s national security advisor called General McMaster, but neither of them apologized. Trump himself, in his press conference with Merkel, said Spicer had only reported the words of a “talented legal expert.”

The New York Times is frantic that the “special relationship” is deteriorating rapidly. “The conspiracy theorizing also tested what is often called the special relationship between the United States and Britain,” they whine today. “American intelligence agencies enjoy a closer collaboration with their British counterparts than any other in the world. GCHQ was the first agency to warn the United States government that Russia was hacking Democratic Party emails during the presidential campaign.” Indeed they were — the first lie of this round. The Times also rolls out a group of Anglo-agents from among the Republicans, the Democrats, and the neocons to cry about the grave danger to the special relationship.

A monitoring of Fox News, owned and run by the British Empire’s Rupert Murdoch, is most revealing in this regard. While the dumbed-down American population was told to believe that “Fox is right and CNN is left and never the twain shall meet,” they are equally hysterical about Trump attacking the British.

As to GCHQ, when Snowden revealed in 2014 that Merkel’s cell phone had been taped by the NSA, the Germans quickly determined that it was both the NSA and GCHQ, and that both had listening posts on the roofs of their Embassies in Berlin. Also, that all intercepts in Europe went to the U.S. through a British cable. Trump’s quip that he and Merkel had something in common goes beyond corrupt U.S. intelligence, and straight to the Brits.

On Monday, March 16, the House Intelligence Committee has called FBI chief James Comey and NSA chief Mike Rogers to testify on all of this. Also, Senator Grassley’s letter of March 6 to Comey, demanding all records of contacts, payments, contracts, etc. (including any role from the White House) with MI6 scam artist Christopher Steele regarding his scurrilous report on Trump’s Russia connections, also demanded that responses be in by Monday.

An interesting week ahead.

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