The Empire is Collapsing — Now Fight for The Adulthood of Mankind

The sun is setting on Buckingham Palace.


President Trump is driving the British Empire and its satrapies in the US and around the world into a state of utter panic. He is rejecting the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the British, openly identifying the crimes of the British and American intelligence agencies — crimes which have been well known for a very long time (especially since Snowden), but which the culprits believed the world could be induced to forget.

The “free world vs Godless Communism” myth has crumbled, as Trump openly promotes friendship with Russia and China. The lie that “the world is burning up under the industrialized world’s carbon emissions” has been dumped into the “Chicken Little” category of childish fairy tales. The libertarian myth that “freedom” means legalized drugs and unfettered speculation is still alive, but facing its death throes, as Glass-Steagall legislation and a war on drugs are now on the table.

FBI chief James Comey and NSA chief Michael Rogers were brought before the House Intelligence Committee, with some members of Congress intent on getting to the truth behind the lies and hysteria against both Russia and the President. Instead, Comey said he could not answer any such questions, since there were ongoing investigations into both the supposed Russian subversion of the presidential election and supposed Russian subversive influence over Trump and his campaign. The hearing became a freak show, with several Democrats sounding even more insane than the Joe McCarthy fanatics during Harry Truman’s anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s.

Trump showed that he would not be cowed, by issuing two messages before the opening of the hearing:

  • “James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus [President of the United States –ed.] colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!”
  • “The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign.”

What is missing, and is essential, is what Krafft Ehricke, the genius whose rockets took man to the Moon, called the necessary maturation of the human race. His concept of the Extraterrestrial Imperative, that man is not an earthling and that there are no limits to growth, set a mission for mankind, to go beyond the childhood pastime of mud fights with weapons of war, to lift the human spirit to the stars. This requires the necessary development of the creative powers of all citizens of the world.

Today marks the launching by the LaRouche organization of the “100th Anniversary Week of the Birth of Krafft Ehricke.” Events and video presentations will take place across the US and Europe over the week, including the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee webcast Monday. This special week is not only to honor Ehricke’s life and works, but to “propagate his beautiful ideas on the future of mankind in the universe.”

Ehricke is famous for his maxim: “It has been said, ‘If God had wanted man to fly, He would have given man wings.’ Today we can say, ‘If God wanted man to become a spacefaring species, He would have given man a Moon.'”

But, he added, “Technology is not the solution to all our shortcomings. For that we have to grow, we have to mature — but technology makes it easier.” It was this recognition of the necessity of a cultural transformation of the human society on Earth which drew Ehricke into his close friendship and collaboration with Lyndon LaRouche and his movement. He saw in this movement the necessary effort to link the various civilizations on our planet, all with different philosophic and cultural traditions, to join together in the common endeavor to discover the natural laws of the universe and apply them to the uplifting of the species as a whole.

The new paradigm represented by the New Silk Road does exactly that, creating a community of nations with a common destiny of peace through development. This process is now rapidly spreading throughout the world. With the power of the British Empire greatly weakened, but not yet dead, it is mankind’s urgent task to bring the United States and Europe out from under the power of this rotting heap, to create the adulthood of mankind.

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