The Opposite of Fake News? Real Truth: We Can Win!


An international media frenzy of fake news was set off on the occasion of the March 20 hearing by the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, on the topic, “Russian Active Measures Investigation,” proclaiming–as Germany’s Bildzeitung headlined yesterday–that “Trumpgate” is well underway, and the U.S. will soon be decapitated. Former German government figures were quoted observing, how “historic” and “unique” and “grave” the situation is in the United States, to have the head- of-state’s credibility gone.

In reality, this was but another moment in the ongoing filthy operation in the attempt to dump Trump and demonize Russia. The process consists of scare-mongering and lies, augmented yesterday by grandstanding against Trump by certain Democrats, whose conduct was in the tradition of Truman and McCarthyism. What today’s media hype actually shows, is the wishful thinking of the controlling interests behind the fake news, which are tied to the expiring British system, threatened by the fact that the Trump election is part of a momentous potential shift to a whole new world order.

The continuing potential for this shift is shown by several events of the day. In Kentucky Monday night, President Trump addressed a Louisville rally, speaking strongly about the need to return to the “American System.” Citing famous leaders born in, or associated with, Kentucky–Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Boone–Trump dwelt on Henry Clay, as a “fierce advocate for American manufacturing,” and a backer of foreign trade that “must be fair, equal and reciprocal” Trump said, “For too long our government has abandoned the American System…” He spoke of re-industrialization, restoring coal-miner jobs and more.

Then again tonight, at the Republican Congressional Dinner, Trump spoke of historical leaders and projects of U.S. development. He said that the American System was what the founding fathers always intended. Later, look at the Trans-continental railway. He pointed to the 1896 Republican platform (under McKinley) on protection and reciprocity in trade. The American System is exactly what Lyndon LaRouche has argued for, for forty years, while polemicizing that the American System practice of directed credit for industry, science, and infrastructure, has been discarded in the United States, especially since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and must be restored immediately to prevent economic disaster.

Meantime, the push continues for the means to make this happen–reinstating Glass-Steagall. In North Carolina on Monday, a resolution was introduced in the General Assembly, calling on Congress to enact Glass-Steagall, and an “American Economic Recovery Program,” as outlined by Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws.” yesterday carried an article supporting Glass-Steagall, headlined, “Will Donald Trump Keep His Campaign Promise To Reinstate Glass-Steagall?”

In parallel to domestic policy, there are foreign policy initiatives in a new direction. Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, after discussions in China with President Xi Jinping last weekend–preparing a meeting between Xi and Trump–is now going to go to Russia in April, according to reports from the State Department to TASS yesterday. The indicated timetable will be that Tillerson remains in the United States during the likely April 6-7 meeting in Florida between Presidents Xi and Trump. (Tillerson will skip the the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting taking place at the same time, on April 5-6, which will be attended by Undersecretary of State Tom Shannon.) Then Tillerson will go to Italy April 10-11 for the Group of Seven Foreign Ministers meeting, and thence to Moscow.

These initiatives, in the context of the continuing achievements and commitments of the Belt and Road Initiative internationally–signified by the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China in less than two months–are putting out of existence the decades-long fakery of all kinds, promoted by the Club of Rome, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, and the Royal This & That.

The real truth is, humanity can win.



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