President Trump Wants to Revive the ‘American System of Economy’

President Donald Trump receives a NASA flight jacket on Tuesday March 21, 2017, after signing the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Paul Williams)


In his speeches Monday at a Kentucky rally and Tuesday to Republican Party gatherings, President Donald Trump stressed that he intends to lead the country to return to “the American System” of economy. In the estimation of very qualified observers, the President “really meant it” both times — he wants to return to the actual economic policies of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, the “American System.”

Is Trump the President who can return us to the American System of economy? That remains to be determined, and depends on the country as well — on us, on you. Should we return to it? Absolutely.

With some exceptions, most Americans and citizens of other nations no longer know what the American System of economy was. It was defined by Abraham Lincoln’s economist Henry C. Carey, for example, as the American System directly opposed to the “British System” of free trade.

Those are the same British who for the past year, have been driving the McCarthyite campaign to discredit Donald Trump and drive him from the White House.

The “get Trump” McCarthyism is British, because Trump wants to return — after decades of disastrous “globalization” and deindustrialization” — to the American System of economy. And he appreciates the benefits of peace, of stopping Bush’s and Obama’s endless wars and collaborating with Russia and China to do so. Thus a British intelligence “dossier” produced for Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump, was the start of turning the Democratic Party’s leadership into a McCarthyite mob looking for “Russians” lurking behind every White House column.

The pillars of the American System of economy were: 1) protecting and supporting American production so that the United States would become the great manufacturing nation it became; 2) constantly promoting and building the most modern national infrastructure, for the same reason — the transcontinental railroads, the national highway system, the Apollo Moon project; and 3) a credit system based on national banking invented by the great Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Today it means taking down Wall Street’s mega-casinos by restoring the Glass-Steagall Act; establishing a Hamiltonian national bank for infrastructure and manufacturing; investing trillions in the highest-technology new infrastructure; developing fusion power, returning to the Moon and to deep space with human colonization and development.

This is what EIR Founding Editor, American System economist Lyndon LaRouche, developed recently as “Four Laws” to save the U.S. economy.

The American System also meant the Monroe Doctrine — that the young United States would do everything possible to keep the British and French financial empires out of the Americas, so that all our nations could develop their economies and make reciprocal trade agreements to mutual benefit.

Today, the American System means linking up with China’s New Silk Road initiative, where 60 nations are making such agreements in a “win-win” paradigm.

The Schiller Institute and EIR are building a major international conference next month in New York City to bring Trump’s United States into that new paradigm, where the “American System” can flourish.

President Trump’s understanding of the American System today is rudimentary, but seriously meant. The more Americans who know what it should mean, and act on that, the better chance that the British System era of “globalization” will end during his Presidency.



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