The Human Spirit Is Indomitable

LaRouche speaks to Ronald Reagan at a candidates forum in New Hampshire during the 1980 presidential election campaign.



It was exactly 34 years ago yesterday that an earlier U.S. President, acting out of his own deep personal conviction, made Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) the policy of the United States.

LaRouche responded at that time, the next day by saying, “Only high-level officials of government, or a private citizen as intimately knowledgeable of details of the international political and strategic situation as I am privileged to be, can even begin to foresee the earth-shaking impact the President’s televised address last night will have throughout the world. The words the President spoke last night can never be put back into the bottle. Most of the world will soon know, and will never forget that policy-announcement. With those words, the President has changed the course of modern history.

“Today I am prouder to be an American than I have been since the first manned landing on the Moon. For the first time in 20 years, a President of the United States has contributed a public action of great leadership, to give a new basis for hope for humanity’s future to an agonized and demoralized world. True greatness in an American President touched President Ronald Reagan last night; it is a moment of greatness never to be forgotten.”

If you have studied it as you must, you know that the SDI was no gimmick, nor a military tactic. Rather, it was the pivot-point for a turn of the whole world into a new world renaissance–as LaRouche’s June, 2014, “Four New Laws,” with the U.S. concomitantly joining the New Silk Road, are for today. LaRouche and Reagan had picked up the flag which Franklin Roosevelt had carried as far as he was able–the same flag which John Kennedy had later begun to hoist in the very short time allowed him.

Ronald Reagan had already been subjected to a crippling pre-emptive assassination attempt before his SDI announcement, and then, later, to multiple pressures against the SDI–but he never abandoned it as long as he lived. He reiterated, for instance, on August 6, 1986, “In SDI, as elsewhere, we’ve put technology that almost boggles the mind to work, increasing our productivity and expanding the limits of human potential… The future is, literally, in our hands, and it is SDI that is helping us to regain control over our destiny.”

As part of the operation which tried to kill President Reagan, Lyndon LaRouche was railroaded to prison and his association busted up, but LaRouche survived nevertheless–as did his ideas–or better, his creative ability to create new, valid ideas. These could not, would not be killed. Thirty-four years later, almost to the day, another American President has taken up LaRouche’s ideas, even though, unlike Ronald Reagan, he has never met the man himself.

What we mean by that is the following. President Donald Trump has publicly committed himself to the American System, out of his own deeply-held personal conviction. He has done it with full inner commitment–as Lyndon LaRouche has witnessed in studying the President’s public statements. There can be no question but that the President has significant in-depth knowledge of what he’s talking about. On the other hand, his associates, especially in their broader circles, almost certainly lack that in-depth knowledge.

But, as LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Michael Steger has noted in an emailing yesterday to associates and others–the last American President to have publicly avowed the American System was William McKinley, at the very beginning of the 20th Century. This was before the two devastating World Wars and the Cold War which followed (its end precipitated by the Soviets’ eventual rejection of LaRouche’s SDI). It was before Einstein, before atomic energy, and before the practical conquest of space beginning in 1957.

What the American System means today, is no longer what McKinley meant–even if the same in principle. It means Lyndon LaRouche. He is the one who has carried forward the immortal concepts of Alexander Hamilton into the late 20th and now the 21st Century–and not merely in scholarship, but in action, including successful combat actions, as Hamilton himself had done repeatedly.

To speak of the American System in 2017 is to speak of the work of Lyndon LaRouche. Everyone who hopes to translate the commitments of this President into successful action, had better study the works of Lyndon LaRouche, and master his concepts for themselves. And now.


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