Trump, and the LaRouche movement, Inspire a Return to Mankind’s Mission to Space

Screenshot from President Trump’s March 25, 2017 Weekly Address on the NASA authorization bill, the incredible success of the Hubble telescope and its successor, the James Webb telescope



On Saturday, March 25, President Donald Trump issued a powerful and inspiring five minute video as his Weekly Address, announcing his intention to lead the nation back into space following seven years of Obama’s destruction of NASA and the nation’s space program. Trump drew inspiration from the Hubble Telescope peering into the void in 1995, only to discover there are yet thousands, or millions — or more — new galaxies yet to be discovered. As Trump said: “The discovery was absolutely incredible. But the unforgettable image did not satisfy our deep hunger for knowledge. It increased evermore, and even more, and reminded us how much we do not know about space; frankly, how much we do not know about life.” Every citizen on Earth must be given the opportunity to watch this video.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Schiller Institute and Fusion Energy Foundation, founded by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, were simultaneously holding conferences in Munich and in Houston to honor the great German-American space scientist and visionary, Krafft Ehricke, who was born 100 years ago. While several presentations in Munich discussed Ehricke’s extraordinary life and character, and his close relationship with the LaRouches, one presentation by a Swiss astronaut, Prof. Claude Nicollier, who had visited the Hubble Telescope during his four missions to space, showed a number of spectacular Hubble photographs of galaxies which the telescope had discovered.

Only minutes later, when the Trump video was sent to the conference, immediately following its release by the White House, the audience was stunned and inspired to see many of the same beautiful pictures of our universe which they had just viewed during the Swiss astronaut’s presentation.

With few exceptions, the mainstream American media, fixated on destroying the American President based on British imperial lies about the danger of Russia to the world, have totally ignored this historic video presentation. Not since JFK’s call to go to the Moon, and Ronald Reagan’s call for the US and Russia to cooperate in creating a strategic defense in space against nuclear weapons, has a president so inspired the nation — and yet, most people will not even hear it, if we do not take that responsibility upon ourselves.

Just as Reagan’s SDI was directly inspired by Lyndon LaRouche, we are seeing President Trump moving to adopt policies which have been initiated and championed by LaRouche — and in most cases only by LaRouche — over these past 50 years. Consider LaRouche’s “Woman on Mars” video of 1987; his War on Drugs Magazine of the 1980s; his American System program for restoring Alexander Hamilton’s discoveries; his Great Projects approach to world development; his Four Powers approach to uniting the U.S., China, Russia and India; his book “There Are No Limits to Growth” of 1983 — all these are increasingly reflected in the policies being adopted by Donald Trump.

Will they succeed?

This will depend on the global capacity of mankind — not only Americans — to lift themselves to a higher state of being, to what Helga Zepp LaRouche calls the “adulthood” of mankind, based on the harmony of the human race through creative cooperation in advancing our state of knowledge and culture. This harmony is the root of the European Renaissance, as inspired by Nicholas of Cusa, Brunelleschi and others; and also the root of the Confucian Renaissance of the Song Dynasty inspired by Zhu Xi, as well as the new Confucian Renaissance today inspired by Xi Jinping.

We are experiencing a revolution in civilization. As Lyndon LaRouche has always insisted, when this moment arrives, it will be no time for cheerleading or following the crowd. It is a time for leadership and personal responsibility for mankind as a whole. That time is now.

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