Trump Presidency Battle Is the American vs. the British System – It Will Be Decided Soon

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence meet with Medal of Honor Recipients, March 24, 2017. The medal is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force, created by a bill signed by Lincoln. (photo: Benjamin Applebaum)



British intelligence is the driving force of the continuing escalation of an extraordinary campaign by intelligence agencies with firm control of major media, to drive President Donald Trump out of office on the fantastical charge that he is controlled by Putin’s Russia.

In the United States and Europe, as Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche summed up this morning, two narratives are battling. The first is that Putin stole the U.S. election, Trump is illegitimate and must be removed. The opposed narrative is that the intelligence “deep state” forces of London, NATO, NSA, and CIA are attacking President Trump in an attempt to force him to resign or be impeached.

One of these, Zepp-LaRouche warned, is going to prevail within weeks; and for the future of the American Constitutional Republic and international peace, we had better make sure that it is the Trump Presidency which survives and the “deep state” of the Five Eyes intelligence agencies which is exposed in criminal actions.

Trump’s election was not a simple national electoral result. It was part of a worldwide wave of voters rejecting the economic failure of “globalization” and free trade, which are centered in the City of London’s policies; and rejecting constant U.S. regime-change wars and provocations to war with Russia and China. It is a wave which London, Brussels, and NATO are furious to stop through demonization of Russia and China. And Trump, in addition, has become the first President in a century to give speeches about “the American System of economy” — that system which opposed and fought against the British free trade system from Alexander Hamilton right through President Franklin Roosevelt.

British intelligence launched the “Trump-Russia scandal” last year with MI6 operatives doing “political opposition research” in the United States election. That original British creation the FBI — never any good at catching criminals, but great at getting rid of unwanted political and social leaders — paid for their dirty work, and is right now trying to torpedo the inconvenient House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes of California, who has discovered a bombshell of an exposure of the intelligence deep state.

President Trump is to hold a summit on economic development and trade with China’s President Xi within 10 days; he then wants to move toward a similar meeting with President Putin, as he has already been meeting Japan’s President Abe on the same subjects. British intelligence is determined that the President be forced out now, before he can realize those meetings.

If the intelligence agencies and the press and Democrats they have whipped into a McCarthyite mob succeed, and bring down this President, not only will the future of the American Republic be in grave danger from, essentially, a coup. The threat of World War III with Russia and China will be back at the level of Bush’s war disasters and Obama’s direct war provocations against the Eurasian powers.

Much depends now on the determination of Trump, and Nunes, to fight. It depends on Lyndon LaRouche’s movement — which was targeted and attacked by these networks for the same reasons in the 1980s, and survived and prevailed — to push through the policies which actually represent the American System today.

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