Do You Want the FBI Running This Country?

Ever since March 4, when President Trump accurately said that he had been “wiretapped,” (surveilled) by Barack Obama, there has been a growing paroxysm of fear among some of our U.S. Senators and others. They may try to pretend otherwise, but you can read the reality in their faces: they’re terrified. At today’s farcical Senate Intelligence hearing on supposed Russian “active measures” against the U.S., we saw Senators sweating with fear, to the point that they were totally deaf to reality, duty, and reason. They had been told to bring in some of the most extreme Russia-baiting witnesses they could find for that hearing–but the Senators themselves, in their terror, often outdid the fear-mongering of even their own witnesses.

Don’t be a fool: This is no Democrat-versus-Republican matter. It is much more than that, and much more important for our country. If you look into the faces of these Senators, you see two words: “secret files.” Which is exactly what President Trump was talking about on March 4, by no coincidence. Each of them knows that all their most personal misdeeds are on file, electronically. One misstep, one wrong move, and just like that, their wives, or husbands, and their constituents will be surprised to find their peccadilloes on the evening news. This is what we used to call simply “FBI files;” the FBI has always specialized in blackmail. Remember what they did with Martin Luther King, to try repeatedly to drive him to suicide. It’s not only the FBI,— it’s the whole contemporary form of the British Empire apparatus in the United States, as Barbara Boyd dissects it in the March 31 EIR. But it is indeed the FBI, all the same, with their bulging files of blackmail on anyone and everyone.

On March 20, FBI Director Comey testified that he was investigating the President of the U.S. Who the Hell does he think he is? That is simply treason.

There are things we don’t yet know; there is more to be learned about this wickedness, but this much is clear. Our elected representatives—regardless of party—are being subjected to FBI blackmail. How will they respond? And more to the point, and more immediately—how will YOU respond? As an American and a patriot, like Martin Luther King, Jr.? Or… Or like the lamentable coward, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who instructed a national television audience last January 3, that Donald Trump was “really dumb” for criticizing U.S. intelligence agencies, because they have “six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”

One week from today, on April 6, China’s President Xi Jinping will come here for a two-day summit with President Trump. With President Xi comes the whole Eurasian world-development plan of the Eurasian Landbridge, for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have fought for decades. What America will China’s President find here? The America of Martin Luther King? Or the America of the cowards who are sweating with fear?


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