This Is the Time To Be Alive

President Donlad Trump looks out of the Red Room window onto the South Portico of the White House grounds. [photo by Shealah Craighead]



When our adversary’s scenario—”the Russians did it”—is being subjected to merciless ridicule before mass audiences, it is time to recognize that the fight over the future of the United States has not yet been decided—rather, it is in process of being decided right at this moment. It is swaying back and forth over the abyss.

The bold and courageous, but at the same time, competent and cool-headed appraisal of the present world conjuncture, says that world history hangs in the balance during these present weeks. We have reached a moment of decision, and that decision could go either way.

On the opposing side are the forces and institutions which murdered John Kennedy over fifty years ago. But the spirit of John Kennedy, which was the patriotic spirit of Franklin Roosevelt and Alexander Hamilton before him, never actually died. Just when those with worldly wisdom least expected it, John Kennedy’s spirit reappeared once more as an existential threat to the British Empire, in the form of President Ronald Reagan’s “Strategic Defense Initiative” collaboration with Lyndon LaRouche on March 23, 1983. The British Empire tried to kill Reagan; they thought they could imprison LaRouche until he died in jail. They failed.

Yes, maybe they stamped down the sparks for a moment, but now the fire is much higher than before. Now Lyndon LaRouche’s policy proposals can succeed in the near term. The bloody specter of the British Empire, and the historical dead-end which was the whole age-old imperial system, can be quickly done away with. The United States can join with China and Russia in the great Eurasian Land-Bridge project first proposed by the LaRouches. We can continue John Kennedy’s and Krafft Ehricke’s journey of discovery out into the Solar system and beyond.

Don’t forget that your grandchildren will question you long and closely about where you were in 2017, and exactly what you did.

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