If Trump And Xi Re-launch The ‘American System’, London’s Financial Empire Is Crushed

President Donald Trump will host China President Xi Jinping in Florida on Thursday, April 6, 2017.



Why has the London Financial Times launched such a hostile provocation in its interview of President Trump — insisting that the central subject of his summit with China’s President will be war threats against North Korea?

What possibilities of this summit is the City of London furious to derail?

This April 6-7 summit at the Mar-a-Lago resort has the potential to reignite just the ‘American System’ engine of U.S. economic progress which Trump has passionately invoked in his recent speeches. Focused on trade, President Trump needs the substance and form of investment in reviving American manufacturing, agriculture, productive employment — and the trillions in infrastructure investments he has said must be made. President Xi can offer this, and many experts in China believe he will, if the summit is not sabotaged.

China and the other BRICS nations need the great powers of the United States and Germany cooperating with the Belt and Road Initiative (“New Silk Road”) of great infrastructure projects and land-bridges. They need cooperation above all in bringing this “win-win” economic reconstruction into the Southwest Asian and African regions devastated by the endless wars of Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. With Russia’s President Putin, they need help in stamping out terrorism and stabilizing the Southwest Asia.

This is the leading economic dynamic in the world today. President Xi will likely extend a personal invitation to President Trump to attend the international Belt and Road Initiative Forum in Beijing May 14-15. If the Mar-a-Lago summit is successful, a new paradigm of economic and scientific progress and peace among nations will take a leap forward.

As Chinese-American leader George Koo pointed out in Asia Times today, China’s leading railway producer is already building new bridges in America today, under budget, ahead of schedule, and buying American. It won construction awards for one bridge in New York City named for Alexander Hamilton — the founder of the “American System” Trump wants to revive.

London, naturally, is pursuing its own trade advantages with China’s rapidly growing economy; but the Financial Times made clear London wants to see the America-China summit go down in flames of war over North Korea, trade war, or both. British intelligence also originated the escalating McCarthyite campaign to scandalize and ruin the Trump Administration over any contact with Putin’s Russia.

Lyndon LaRouche’s movement in the United States and the Schiller Institute have been campaigning for a return of the “American System of Economy” for decades, and have been attacked and prosecuted by the same British-NATO-U.S. “deep state” now hounding Trump — in some cases, by the very same agents of that power. The American System today is LaRouche’s Four Laws to save the nation: Glass-Steagall, national credit, modern infrastructure on a large scale, revived space exploration, and fusion technologies.

A petition promoting these Four Laws to President Trump is gathering thousands of signatures on larouchepac.com now.

The Xi-Trump summit, if successful, will be a step on that path.

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