Will President Trump Join the New Silk Road?

President Trump speaking at the National Building Trade Union conference in Washington, April 4, 2017.



The fate of civilization could well be determined this week, as President Donald Trump is standing firm against the “color revolution” being waged against the United States by the British Empire and their stooges in the failed Obama Administration, and, at the same time, is preparing an historic summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where he could, and must, officially join the New Silk Road.

The British imperial division of the world into warring blocs — none more important for the survival of their vile Empire than “East vs. West”— would collapse under a Trump partnership with China to cooperate on the development of the nations of the world through China’s One Belt-One Road, and a partnership with Russia to defeat the terrorist scourge, a creation of London and their Saudi monarchical allies.

Following the terrorist bombing of a St. Petersburg subway Monday, Trump called President Vladimir Putin, offering “the full support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice,” according to the White House. “Both President Trump and President Putin agreed that terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated,” the readout said.

Thursday and Friday, the President will meet with Xi Jinping in his Florida residence. Both sides are reported to have carefully planned the summit — both sides want a successful meeting, and both sides intend to end the geopolitical “zero-sum” approach to global diplomacy, replacing it with win-win cooperation to address the common aims of mankind. As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Chinese during his visit last month to arrange this week’s summit, the US-China relationship in the Trump Administration would be “a very positive relationship built on no confrontation, no conflict, mutual respect, and always searching for win-win solutions”. This was a direct reflection of Xi Jinping’s 2012 call for building a “new type of major country relationship” between China and the U.S., based on “no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation,” a proposal totally rejected by President Obama, who proceeded instead to prepare for a military confrontation with China.

The British/Obama/media effort to blame Russia for the failure of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and to accuse Trump of being a Russian patsy, is increasingly being ridiculed, while the crimes of Obama and his corrupt intelligence team can no longer be concealed. The former Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command, Col. James Waurishuk, responding to the exposure of Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s role in using the intelligence community to spy on the Trump campaign, saying: “We’re looking at a potential constitutional crisis from the standpoint that we used an extremely strong capability that’s supposed to be used to safeguard and protect the country, and we used it for political purposes by a sitting president. That takes on a new precedent.”

Trump also addressed the Building Trades Unions legislative conference in Washington DC today, inspiring them to take responsibility for the “once thriving cities marred by empty lots and once booming industrial towns that have become rusted and are in total disrepair.” He continued: “Standing before me today, in this very hall are the men and women who if given the chance can transform these communities. You are the citizens who can rebuild our cities, revive our industries and renew our beloved country, and I know you will stop at nothing to get the job done.”

The British Empire is crumbling, but are they deploying their forces, with a sense of total desperation, to bring down the United States of America, to preserve their “divide and conquer” control of the world on behalf of their bankrupt financial empire. For the United States, China and Russia to join together on behalf of all mankind would mean the end of Empire, perhaps forever.

The ideas introduced and disseminated over the past fifty years by the movement founded by Lyndon LaRouche — for peace through development, for restoring the American System of Hamiltonian creditary economics, for ending the cultural swamp of “sex, drugs and rock and roll” in favor of a new renaissance of classical culture and science — are now close to realization. We cannot fail history at this great moment.

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