Comey’s FBI Runs Color Revolution Against Trump, on Behalf of British Crown

By Michael G. Steger

James Comey committed near treason on Monday, March 20, when he testified to his participation in a fraudulent investigation against the Trump Presidency. The entire investigation on Russia is a fraud. There is no evidence of any crime by every account. However, there is clear evidence of an intended coup against a legitimate Presidency of the U.S., and the threat, via Trump’s overthrow, to force a war against Russia and China which would result in nuclear war.

Comey is getting his orders from the bankrupt financial centers of the City of London and Wall St., for whom the FBI was initially established. It is not surprising that these attempts to undermine the newly elected President are all to mask the dire bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic financial system, and the failed political establishment which is responsible for the now imploding economic crisis.

Under this Ukraine-style “color revolution,” Comey’s hands are more than filthy, possibly through direct participation in surveillance of the Trump team—as we now see with Susan Rice—but certainly for the cover-up of the intended removal of President Trump by the Obama administration network, including their direct ties into the media.

As reported by London’s Financial Times, Comey has just established a Special Investigative Unit in the FBI’s “Hoover Headquarters” in Washington D.C. to continue this Quixotic quest to determine Russia’s role in our recent election, and he’s joined by his deputy Andrew McCabe—the same McCabe whose wife received $700,000 from team Hillary during her campaign for State Senate just last year.

This is the British hand at work, and the desperation and hysteria of this operation, fully fledged since the election, indicates that the clock is ticking, and is to be decided over the coming weeks.

Susan Rice Did Not Act Alone

It has now been confirmed by Susan Rice, contrary to what she said just ten days earlier, that she was involved in exposing the names of various Trump transition officials, tantamount to eavesdropping on political opponents to undermine a newly elected President. This is a severe breach of the public trust of broad executive powers—as we saw during the entire Obama Presidency—but it does not stop at Susan Rice. She said in her interview with Andrea Mitchell, that all of the reports listing Trump officials including possibly Congressmen, were ordered by Obama personally. The Wall Street Journal now reports that there were others inside the Obama administration who also unmasked people in Trump’s transition efforts.

The entire Obama network, including the Wall St. and British backers, such as George Soros, are now facing exposure of their extensive crimes against the American people, and many others around the world, for the last eight years. The sirens of justice can now be heard, at least in the distance.

For the guilty, the panic is high, the drinks are certainly flowing, and the pills are still being popped. Can the FBI and their media agents protect team Obama from what is already becoming a major Congressional investigation and Constitutional crisis?

Democrats Hide Behind Comey

The Democrats would have no cover for their lack of evidence, and overtly seditious tactics, were it not for Comey’s outright protection of their intended coup. And the media would have no daily story were it not for the Democrats constant band-standing, all with Comey’s protection.

Their hysteria depends on obvious lies and deception. Regarding the so-called Russian hacking of the DNC computers, this has only been confirmed by one private company, Crowdstrike, and at least one of its directors, Dimitri Alperovitch, was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and a member of the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is funded by the State Department, as well as the Ukrainian World Council, Saudi Arabia, and over twenty other foreign nations. The council also happens to now employ Evelyn Farkas (Obama’s former Asst. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia until 2015), who admitted in early March that the Obama White House had direct involvement in the surveillance of the Trump transition team, and was also involved in the broad distribution of unmasked reports to members of Congress and the media.

The very fact that the FBI has not investigated the actual computers, which were supposedly hacked, is inconceivable, as President Trump himself indicated in a tweet March 5.

Besides the supposed hacking by Russia, there is the British-sponsored intelligence “dodgy dossier” by British agent Christopher Steele, which even Mike Morell, former Deputy Director of the CIA and top Hillary surrogate, said was entirely false, and worse, the fake gossip was actually paid for via intermediaries who still remain unnamed, and thus the whole report is unverified. It is also possible that in addition to a Republican campaign, likey the Bush Campaign, and then the Hillary Campaign both having paid MI-6 operative Steele for this propaganda, that also the FBI, under Comey’s direction, paid Steele, all for what is essentially gossip, which even CNN, who broke the story on television, could not corroborate. The FBI is now under Congressional investigation for this allegation of paying for political opposition research, which would be another severe breach of Executive powers.

All Americans should be outraged over every aspect of this fascist-coup scenario playing out before their very eyes. Either we fight now against this coup, or we will all lose.

The British Hand of the FBI

Such a crime, as is now exposed regarding Susan Rice, et al., short of attempted murder of a President-elect, as against FDR and Lincoln, has never been documented in U.S. history. Watergate was simply the cover-up of a burglary of another campaign. This is outright surveillance, illegal leaks to the media, and conspiracy to undermine a sitting President!

Without Comey, acting on behalf of the British Crown, the Democrats, who are serving as modern-day McCarthyites, have nothing to stand on.

Leading retired figures in the intelligence committee have also been clear that Robert Hannigan’s early departure as the director of Britain’s GCHQ, and just three days after Trump was inaugurated, is not a coincidence. John Brennan, who is now the former director of the CIA and a life-long agent of Saudi-British interests from his career-CIA post in Riyadh, was likely the key interlocutor between the Obama apparatus and the British GCHQ, coordinating their “Get Trump” operation. Brennan has been silent during this entire period, but only after he, as the sitting director of the CIA, directly attacked Trump during the transition period, and publicly!

The British, via the “five eyes” agreement, also have access to all data collected by the NSA, which includes all cell phone, emails, credit card transactions, and even library book rentals, all of which started after 9-11 in 2001. And, the British have zero Constitutional restrictions preventing the surveilling and even overthrow of a U.S. President.

Actually, quite the contrary, it is the Monarchy’s near duty. Remember, this is the same British Establishment which considered the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall an ACT OF WAR.

The FBI’s Fingerprint

The very reason the F.B.I was established under Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt—who ended the Lincoln Republican Party and brought in Wall St.—was to bring the U.S. into World War I, and to surveil, intimidate and control every member of the U.S. government who refuses to accept British-Wall St. direction. The same role was repeated with the Cold War, as it was with Bush and Cheney’s Iraq war, and the cover-up of 9-11.

The FBI cover-up of 9-11, as with Kennedy’s assassination, is perhaps the most heinous, and continues to this day, most notably in Sarasota, FL where tens of thousands of documents remain undisclosed, documents which likely show the FBI’s involvement and cover-up of the activities of the 9-11 terrorists, and more importantly, the financiers.

A Great Moment in History

The American people have to make a decision, The Trump Presidency has made a clear and solemn commitment to revive the American System of Political-Economy, the very system Lyndon LaRouche has represented internationally over the last 40 years.

Do the American people have the courage to act to make this potential a reality? Not an approximation, not a maybe, not a yes-but?

To put this another way, has a great moment found a great people? A people prepared to restore their nation to it’s rightful heritage, to respond with that “Lincoln-reflex”?

Or has this moment found a little people, concerned about their own survival, riddled by their own insecurities and resentments?

It is now clear, following Comey’s testimony and subsequent actions that his own motives must be questioned under the threat of removal as the director of the FBI. Either the intelligence community, along with Obama and his minions in the media, must be held accountable, or our nation remains vulnerable to sustained political attack and an attempted color revolution, as we see in Syria and Ukraine.

The Glass-Steagall act must then be reinstated to put an end to Wall St.’s control over American politics. With these immediate steps fulfilled, a full fledged return to the system of Hamilton, Lincoln and FDR will be possible. A LaRouche program feasible. A new American Renaissance unleashed!

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