Part VIII: Our Anti-Entropic Universe

Discovering LaRouche’s Method:
A New York Class Series on Economics

“In life on Earth, we have available to us only two well-defined classes of particular experience which correspond in fundamental species-distinctions to the negentropic universe implicitly proven to exist by proof of Kepler’s astronomical laws. These are living processes generally, and the negentropic behavior of entire societies (economies). In biology, we have made poor progress, chiefly for reasons of oversight and misdirection, toward mastering the principles of living processes as living processes. We have made better progress on this account in Physical Economy (economic science). Hence, [the instant] we prove a principle of negentropic transformation in the domain of economic science, we must rush to astronomy, glancing at biology generally as we pass; we must uncover in the universality of astronomy, the species of transformation we have discovered within the bounds of inquiry of economic science.” —Lyndon LaRouche, “So You Wish to Learn All About Economics?”

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