UK Keeps Pushing War on Trump — Even World War — To Set U.S. Against Russia and China

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson speaking at Chatham House in London, 2 December 2016.


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Tuesday urged a U.S./UK joint campaign of bombing to “decapitate the monster regime of Assad” in Syria. Johnson’s interview with the London Independent followed by three days the April 16 London Times forecasting an all-out U.S. cruise missile attack on North Korea; and coincided with the April 19 London Guardian reporting today that the United States is planning to shoot down North Korean missile tests.

UK Minister Johnson stressed the necessity of “decapitating the monster” even when Assad’s potential replacement by an Islamist, pro-terrorist regime in Syria was brought up. Both the London Times and the Guardian made clear that the Trump Administration actions they were “forecasting” would likely lead to North Korean attacks and “devastating consequences for U.S. allies South Korea and Japan,” and could “go out of control” — i.e., could trigger thermonuclear world war. This, while Trump Administration officials continue to emphasize “non-military options,” and “working closely with China” to remove the threat of war on the Korean peninsula.

This is not Boris Johnson’s first proposal for U.S./UK bombing of Assad’s government; that was last September, and the British House of Commons has refused to authorize it. He is claiming now that no such authorization would be needed. Johnson was rebuffed again by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the other member nations at the Group of 7 meeting in Rome April 10. He was demanding that Tillerson join him in threatening new sanctions against Russia for supporting the government of Syria. But the British government and media’s constant proposals and “forecasts” of U.S./UK regime-change wars, targeting Russia and China, are aimed against President Donald Trump’s potential new relations of cooperation with those two crucial nations. Just as British intelligence has surveilled Trump’s team for two years and launched the “Russia scandals” to try to force him out of office, the UK is also trying to destroy any possibility that Trump will cooperate with Russia and China on security and economic development.

This is a coup against President Trump, and the British will risk even world war to destroy his “American System” policies. It must be stopped.

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