Friday Webcast—Whither The United States? New Silk Road or Nuclear War

The question posed by the title of last week’s Schiller Institute conference in New York City, encapsulates the fight now raging for the soul of the United States. Will we continue to be used as the British Empire’s “dumb giant” in their geopolitical divide-and-conquer system which has now brought the world to the brink of WWIII, or will we return to our revolutionary roots as the nation of Alexander Hamilton’s “American System” and join the new paradigm of win-win cooperation and peace through development now radiating out from China’s New Silk Road initiative? In the three-week countdown to the Belt and Road Initiative conference in Beijing, being attended by dozens of heads of state, including President Putin of Russia as “the highest guest of honor,” the LaRouche movement continues our campaign for President Trump to attend that summit in person, and finally reciprocate Xi Jinping’s offer to join the New Silk Road paradigm. This offer was reiterated at the Schiller Institute conference in New York last week by Meifang Zhang, the Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate, when she said, “I want to quote President Xi as saying that China welcomes the United States to participate in cooperation within the Belt and Road framework…Both countries should really seize the opportunities.” Sign the petition!

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