Are You Only an Observer? Do You Have Another Solar System To Return To, If This One Blows Up?

(April 7, 2017) The guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71) fires a Tomahawk land attack missile towards Syria. US Navy Photo


Please see the latest pre-release EIR article “Greater Financial Collapse Looms in 2017; Glass-Steagall Must Be Restored To Stop It” for an update on the collapse of the post-Glass-Steagall economy.

Many of our contacts, and—truth be told—our members, are experiencing “cynicism” about President Trump, and about us, supposedly in the wake of his April 6 rocket attack against Syria. But Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely right about that—the British Empire had fooled President Trump as part of a coup-attempt against him. If you concede an inch on that—if you abandon the truth to concede an inch to the lying British—then you have abandoned your position on our side, to cross over to the other side, the side of our enemies, the British Empire.

This is critically important just precisely at this moment, because our role is absolutely crucial now. Without our maximum intellectual-moral effort right now, President Trump will be unable to fulfill his promises and will be overthrown, as the world plunges into nuclear war. The needed path forward is that marked out by Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four New Laws” of June 2014, including the U.S. joining the New Silk Road led by China’s President Xi Jinping, whom President Trump calls “a man that I’ve gotten to like and respect.”

As one of our organizers put it earlier today in characterizing her polemic to some of the 10,000 of the President’s supporters who came out to greet him in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last night: “President Trump can’t succeed if you don’t understand what he’s up against.” If not for us, they would only have the know-it-alls of the radio talk shows. And how many of those 10,000 “deplorables” would already have taken their own lives if Hillary Clinton had won the election on Nov. 8 instead of Donald Trump? And taken their own lives with her encouragement?

Do we really need any more advice from the British Empire?

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