Trump Actively Considering Glass-Steagall: Act Now to Prevent New Crash

In an interview delivered this morning with Bloomberg, President Donald Trump stated that he is “actively considering” restoring Glass-Steagall to split investment from commercial banking and break up the Wall Street megabanks. Today’s show features EIR Economics Editor Paul Gallagher, who just published a new and very timely article titled “Greater Financial Collapse Looms in 2017; Glass-Steagall Must Be Restored To Stop It” in which he states that the LaRouche movement was alone in warning of the impending crash in 2008, and is now “warning that another, worse collapse is looming, this time from the Wall Street megabanks’ exposure to an even larger bubble in speculative corporate debt…” President Trump must move now to restore Glass-Steagall… before it’s too late.

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