This Is NOT the 100 Days the British Empire Intended

April 17, 2017, President Donald J. Trump joins participants at the Easter Egg Roll writing letters to the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)



The British plan was certainly not for Trump to have talked by phone with Russian President Putin three times as of now, with a meeting between them likely to occur at the G20 summit on July 7; it was not for Trump to have met with Xi Jinping once and spoken with him numerous times; and it was not for Trump to have personally placed the issue of Glass-Steagall on the front burner for deliberation — although which version of “Glass-Steagall”, FDR’s real one or some ersatz “ring-fencing” variant, is still being fiercely fought out, with American citizens weighing in led by a LaRouchePAC mobilization.

Add to that the fact that the upcoming May 14-15 Belt and Road Initiative summit is increasingly dominating the global economic agenda, and that Lyndon and Helga LaRouche are personally at the center of that discussion, with Russia and China as principal interlocutors (as seen most clearly in the recent N.Y. Schiller Institute conference), and you can see why the British Empire is not the least bit amused.

In fact, they are panicked, and they are still trying to cook up a drive to impeach Trump and carry out a color revolution in the U.S.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today stressed that we are now in a 10-day countdown to the Beijing Belt and Road summit, and we must double down on insisting that the United States must get involved in that process. The U.S. has an $8 trillion infrastructure deficit, at the very least, and it needs Chinese expertise and investment to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure at the highest technological level. Furthermore, she emphasized, the U.S. and China should engage in joint ventures, especially in the Middle East and Africa, to bring peace and development to those regions. Zepp-LaRouche stated: There is plenty to do!

It is certain that Russia and China will respond favorably to such an American policy. As the official Global Times of China noted with accuity in a May 2 editorial: Anxiety about the Belt and Road Initiative “lays bare the stereotypical U.S. zero-sum mind-set….

“[but] public opinion in the U.S. is subtly changing from being against it, to attaching more importance to studying it….

“[Cooperation would] elevate their mutual trust to the next level … and create a new platform for Sino-U.S. collaboration….

“Beijing has already extended the invitation, and how the U.S. will respond is worth observing.”

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