Let Our Victories of the Past Inform Our Shared Success in the Future!

Lt. William Robertson and Lt. Alexander Sylvashko, Red Army, shown in front of sign [East Meets West] symbolizing the historic meeting of the Soviet and American Armies, near Torgau, Germany.



The Soviet losses during WWII are unimaginable to most Americans, with a staggering loss of some 30 million lives, let alone the destruction of families, industry, land, culture, and infrastructure. Only the Chinese, who lost some 20 million during the fight with Japan, can possibly fathom the kind of sacrifice the Soviet peoples endured, such as the siege on Leningrad, before they prevailed. Such fortitude, such perseverance and courage, are a testament to the power of humanity against a force of evil dedicated to the destruction not only of human lives, but of mankind’s unbounded future.

It is this power of humanity seen in the Soviet resistance and the eventual Allied victory that we celebrate today, and for those individuals from every nation who bore that burden with a dignity and an undying passion for the future of mankind.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The collaboration between the three great powers: the U.S., the Soviet forces, and China, was key to the allied victory in WWII, and remains the cornerstone for a new world system today.

President Franklin Roosevelt, who recognized the role of the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin, as well as the efforts of both the Nationalist and Communist Chinese against Japan, personally rejected any attempt to maintain the British Empire’s policy of colonization or conflict, and looked to a world of collaboration between the emerging independent nations of the world, especially including Soviet Russia, China, and India.

His post-war view was entirely different than the one implemented by Britain’s Churchill and President Harry Truman after his death. Instead, following the war in the Pacific, an artificial separation was made by British Imperial and Wall Street interests, specifically to divide these three major nations into Cold War enemies.

It is now time for the legacy of the Cold War to end. As U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said to members of the U.S. State Department on May 3, 2017:

“The way we have been delivering was in many ways shaped and as a residual of the Cold War era. And in many respects, we’ve not yet transitioned ourselves to this new reality… and you can see when we have our conversations with NATO—another example—there are many institutions around the world that were created during a different era.
“So one of the things, as we get into this opportunity to look at how we get our work done, is to think about the world as it is today and to leave behind—well, we do it this way because we’ve been doing it this way for the last 30 years or 40 years or 50 years, because all of that was created in a different environment.
“I guess what I’m inviting all of you to do is to approach this effort that we’re going to undertake with no constraints to your thinking—with none.”

US-Russia-China Alliance for Development on the One Belt One Road

The ongoing attacks against the new U.S. Presidency are aimed specifically at maintaining this Cold War divide, even at the cost of the dangers of nuclear war. Yet the Trump Presidency, as we see with Tillerson’s comments above, presents a unique opportunity to finally fulfill the potential which was created with the allied victory of the Great War, and unite these three great nations towards what President Xi of China describes as a “community of common destiny.”
The Putin-Xi-Trump alliance is the cornerstone for a new world system, an alliance which can both resolve the remaining geopolitical hotspots left over by Obama’s British imperial provocations—such as Syria, Ukraine, and North Korea—as well as initiate a new global development program based on China’s One Belt One Road initiative. The OBOR, initiated just a little over three years ago, is already twelve times the size of the Marshall plan during its time, and already extends from east Asia to east Africa, from the Indian Ocean to Russia, and as far west as Portugal and the British Isles.

With the U.S., Russia, and China working to develop the interconnections of nations throughout Eurasia, Africa, and into the Americas via the Bering Strait, it is possible to establish both a durable peace among the great powers through the common aims of mankind, as well as the necessary reconstruction and development of the U.S. after decades of economic destruction, financial speculation, and war.

So, for all of us who honor our loved ones, those who sacrificed everything so that we may celebrate their victory today, what better way to honor them than finally to fulfill the great potential their undying legacy created.

For those veterans still living, such as Lyndon LaRouche, who has personally fought to fulfill FDR’s vision ever since returning from his post in Burma, and for the many who have already passed, the alliance of the U.S., Russia, and China, with the aim of global development, gives ultimate meaning to their sacrifices.

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