The Visionaries are Proving Right After All

Helga and Lyndon LaRouche speak at a Schiller Institute Conference in Germany. June, 2016.


Yesterday, exactly ten days before the opening of the Belt and Road Initiative world summit in Beijing, far-reaching changes for the better in the entire human condition have become immediate possibilities. The new vision for mankind which has been the life’s work of Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche can be realized, if their ideas are effectively promoted over the coming days and weeks.

How many recognized the truth of the May 2 editorial of China’s official Global Times? It had said that anxiety about the Belt and Road Initiative “lays bare the stereotypical U.S. zero-sum mind-set…. [but] public opinion in the U.S. is subtly changing from being against it, to attaching more importance to studying it.”

Now the truth of this observation has been underlined in a surprising way, by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s lengthy impromptu address to the entire State Department yesterday. Anglophile news sources have quoted one part of Tillerson’s remarks in order to villify them: his opening statements where he clearly disavowed the murderous “color revolution” and regime-change policies of the Bush and Obama administrations. Here Tillerson had said that America’s “values” are not necessarily the same as its foreign policies—meaning, as he explained, that to attempt to force American “values” on other nations would often be counterproductive.

But left unreported was Tillerson’s detailed and explicit description of the new administration’s new agreements for dialog with China. He said that the new dialog would be one with Chinese officials who report directly to President Xi Jinping—and thus, implicitly, that the Americans would be officials who report directly to President Donald Trump. The intention here on both sides, is that concrete agreements will be reached, rather than merely having a talk-shop like the previous “dialog.”

But what is the overall purpose of the dialog? Tillerson emphasized and re-emphasized that its purpose will be to define the U.S.-China relationship “over the next half-century!”

Wasn’t it Lyndon LaRouche who wrote the book called, “Earth’s Next Fifty Years”?

One implication is that it is still possible for President Trump to join that May 14-15 Belt and Road conference, and we should fight to make that happen.

Meanwhile—across the globe in the Kazakh capital of Astana—Russian, Iranian, and Turkish representatives signed an agreement today, to create demilitarized “safe zones,” or “de-escalation zones” in Syria, with the support of the Syrian government. The U.S., although not a party to the agreement or a direct participant in the negotiations, was represented in Astana by Acting Assistant Secretary of State Stuart Jones. President Putin said that President Trump had supported such safe zones in their telephone conversation of May 2—indeed, they had been a part of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, although they were maliciously mischaracterized as a casus belli for Russia. The Russian government says that the establishment of these zones will finally begin to separate the terrorists from the armed Syrian opposition—something that John Kerry had promised to do for a year, but which Barack Obama would never permit.

At the same time, some U.S. Congressmen have failed to keep up with world developments, such that no Glass-Steagall amendment was filed before the House Financial Services Committee voted up a financial regulation bill today along party lines. We will mobilize tougher and harder on this, while no longer specifically targeting that committee.

It is the big picture that each of us must represent at all times: the future of humanity over the next fifty to one-hundred fifty years.

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