Not Too Late for Trump — Or Europe — To Go to Beijing Forum

Forbidden City, Beijing. Photo: (CC BY 2.0)



With the two-day top-level meeting of a global development initiative — already investing in 65 nations, and 20 times as big as the Marshall Plan — taking place this weekend in Beijing, the issue of what to do about the stagnating U.S. and European economies will never be so clear again. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has said that if Donald Trump does go to Beijing and ally the United States economically to the Belt and Road Initiative, he could be seen by history as America’s greatest president. On that path lies not only a great revival of productivity and productive employment for Americans, but the potential resolution of the grave threat of war in Asia, and even — through cooperation with Russia — in the Middle East.

And with the United States participating, the Belt and Road Initiative itself will be far more powerful an economic and technological driver for the more than 100 nations represented in Beijing this weekend.

A major Asian daily editorialized today, “It’s not too late for President Trump to decide to go to Beijing.” For that matter, it’s not too late for newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron to go. The European Union’s and London’s financial elite may be trying to bottle up and even destroy China’s Belt and Road before it develops a new economic infrastructure in Europe, but the growth prospects of all the European nations depend on it.

Unless the right decision is made now, it will soon be too late for the trans-Atlantic economies. They can not survive another, worse-than-2008 financial crash, and that is what is threatening them right now. Germany’s leading financial daily Handelsblatt has added its “loud warning signal…. A surge in corporate loans, especially in the United States, could unleash a new global financial crisis. The contours of a giant bubble are becoming more and more apparent in the market for corporate bonds. It could burst … due to rapidly rising interest rates and a declining economy.”

An immediate turn is needed, to what are called the “four laws to save the nation” proposed by Lyndon LaRouche since 2014. Restore the Glass-Steagall Act to break up the Wall Street banks before they trigger a cataclysm; then create national credit institutions to build modern infrastructure, fund space sciences and fission and fusion technologies.

The whole effort against trans-Atlantic economic collapse can only succeed on that path of collaboration with China, India, and Russia above all.

The City of London and Britain are trying to destroy the possibility, through London and Brussels attacks on the Belt and Road, and through war. There are reports from London that Prime Minister May will ask her new parliament to let her bomb Syria’s government forces, as her ministers keep publicly demanding. That implies another manufactured “chemical bombing” incident, and would only be done by the UK to draw President Trump back into war. BBC is, indeed, starting broadcasts claiming that Syria’s president is going to conduct more “chemical bombings.”

The British incitement to confrontation comes just as Russian Foreign Minister and U.S. Secretary of State are holding discussions in Washington this week, with a prospect of ending Syria’s civil war and terrorism. London’s intervention must be defeated — and President Trump must go to Beijing.

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