Yesterday Was Victory Day

May 9, 2017, At the official reception to mark the 72d anniversary of Victory in the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War. (



Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke yesterday, not only for the people of Russia, but for all of Mankind, when he delivered remarks after a military parade in Moscow to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Victory in the 1941-45 Great Patriotic War, as World War II is known in Russia:

“That triumphant victory over that terrible totalitarian force will forever remain in the history of humankind as a supreme triumph of life and reason over death and barbarity,” Putin affirmed. He stated that the “monstrous tragedy” of tens of millions of deaths had occurred because of “the criminal ideology of racial superiority, and due to the lack of unity among the world’s leading nations.”

Applying those lessons to today, Putin called for all nations to meet “our responsibility to future generations” through international cooperation to bring about “stability and peace on the planet.”

That is, in fact, the overriding policy issue that will also be addressed at the International Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative, scheduled to get under way in Beijing just four days from today. The BRI summit is rapidly gathering steam and is sweeping up all of humanity in its mission:

  • France’s delegation will be headed by former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who praised the BRI as “a peaceful project for world development,” and said that “the Belt and Road Initiative is the framework of a new world.”
  • Peruvian business and political layers are demanding that President Kuczynski attend the summit, which they called the most important diplomatic event of the year, in order to proceed with the plan for a Peru-Brazil bi-oceanic rail corridor.
  • North Korea will be sending a high-level delegation to the BRI summit, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced yesterday.
  • And Chile’s ambassador to Beijing, Jorge Heine, recognized that “convening an important number of heads of State from many countries to examine what’s happening, beyond the specific projects of the Belt and Road, is of a much broader scope.”

What Ambassador Heine was describing, in his own words, is what Helga Zepp-LaRouche has referred to as “the New Silk Road becoming the World Land-Bridge”—precisely as specified in EIR’s 2015 Special Report on that subject. More than a set of infrastructure projects, what is underway is an entire global paradigm shift, which alone can save humanity.

The British Empire is trying to discredit the Belt and Road Initiative by calling it an alliance among dictators and autocrats, and with threatening predictions that the BRI will never come to fruition because it will only lead to conflicts and chaos among the nations involved. That is the exact divide-and- conquer nonsense, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche recalled in a discussion with associates yesterday, that came out of the mouth of Sir Leon Brittan all the way back in 1996, who at the time was European Commissioner for Trade and for External Affairs, and was deployed to a major international New Silk Road conference in Beijing to try to counter Zepp-LaRouche’s presentation of the policy of the World-Land Bridge.

The problem is that most governments are amateurs—they don’t know what mankind is, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized yesterday. We must create a practice which develops the ability of the population to assimilate qualities of action which bring Mankind as a species up to the standard of society as a whole. Science, for example, is an instrument by which they may enter agreements to create a competent form of society. We are called upon to create such instruments of unified action that will solve the problems of mankind, LaRouche said; and that unity and power derives from the development of the mental powers of creation of the citizenry. That is the basis for acting in the future to save humanity today.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche yesterday stressed that only such an approach will work to defeat the organized divisiveness and pessimism of the British Empire. We must evoke in the population the higher principle of the self-development of the entire human species. Get Americans to think that way about the United States that they wish for their children and grand-children 50 years from now, and the United States could become beloved of all humanity once again.

Wise words for Victory Day—and for what must now follow.

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