America, China, and Russia: A New Paradigm for Progress, or a New Cold War?

May 15, 2017 – Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping at the Belt and Road Forum. []



With extraordinary, global political courage, China’s President Xi, initially acting alone, called and organized this past weekend’s summit in Beijing of 29 heads of state and 130 nations’ representatives: the “Belt and Road International Forum for Cooperation.” In doing so, Xi has created a new international economic and monetary order — not to crash and be bailed out, but to build and develop. Thus far it is based largely on China’s own commitment of more than $1 trillion to other nations, in investments in critical infrastructure projects; and on the openness of the Belt and Road Initiative to all nations. With the active support of Russia, this is also “the most important strategic initiative on this planet,” as assessed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who participated in the summit as founder and head of the Schiller Institute. One head of state at the summit rightly said, “This is the kind of initiative that can end terrorism.”

Should the United States now fully collaborate in this initiative, there is no problem that cannot be tackled successfully with cooperation of those three great powers. This issue, and what policies President Donald Trump is taking toward this potential collaboration, are more important to Americans’ future than all the media political gossip they are reading.

If most Americans do not know this, it is because British and U.S. intelligence agencies are determined to isolate the United States from Russia and China, and to impose a New Cold War with those nations as America’s enemies. They are aided by a new McCarthyism in U.S. and European media, resurrecting the “yellow journalism” of the last century. They are launching more and more furious attacks on President Donald Trump, trying to force him into a policy of hostility to Russia and China — and if they can, to force him out of office.

Most Americans are simply unaware that a new paradigm is being created to revive the collapsed economy, the space explorations the United States abandoned, the scientific frontiers it stopped funding. The reason is that the media and intelligence powers are trying to force America into a New Cold War instead. Most Democratic leaders have fallen for it completely.

Wake up, reject it. Demand sane collaboration with China and Russia in this emerging new economic and strategic initiative. LaRouchePAC is circulating petitions and fighting in Congress for four key policies. Let’s restore the Glass-Steagall Act and break up the Wall Street megabanks. Let America invest trillions in new infrastructure itself, collaborating with other champions in high-speed rail, etc., and letting holders of U.S. debt invest it in new U.S. infrastructure. Let’s build the next generation of space missions, and make discoveries for the future, like nuclear fusion. The United States also needs collaboration in defeating international terrorism, and the related scourge of drugs.

Now, which of these are Russia or China preventing the United States from doing? Or are these goals what the Belt and Road international summit was about?

PETITION: Congress, Suck it up & Move On—It’s time to Rebuild the Country
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