LaRouche: British Gambit To Paralyze Trump with Impeachment Campaign Won’t Work

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche Friday commented that the British-orchestrated campaign to politically paralyze U.S. President Donald Trump with their continuing “impeachment” attempted coup d’état—now being widely discussed in British media such as the Telegraph and the Economist— will not work. This is too big for the British, LaRouche elaborated. The Trump victory in the U.S. elections last November was not a national, U.S. phenomenon, but a global one; and it’s not going to be as easy to stop as the British think, given the developments coming off the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing and other strategic considerations. “I’m confident,” LaRouche said.

LaRouche’s comments were prompted by an article published in the Telegraph on May 19 by British intelligence stringer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, whose experience in orchestrating U.S. impeachment drives for the British goes back to his attacks on President Bill Clinton. Evans-Pritchard, on the eve of Trump’s first trip abroad as President, is spreading the black propaganda line that Trump might already be incapacitated, in much the same way as President Richard Nixon was incapacitated by then-Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, who “instructed U.S. military officials to ignore any order from the Oval Office to use nuclear weapons.”

Evans-Pritchard asserts that the key to overthrowing Trump is to pull Republican support away from him, which he admits is still strong. But what happens next? He quotes Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former British UN ambassador and now chairman at Gatehouse Advisory Partners: “America can be very powerful if it decides to act hard. Xi Jinping and Putin will probably wait and see whether Trump self-destructs.” Evans-Pritchard then raises the question: How will Trump behave “when the special prosecutor [Robert Mueller] starts to let rip with a volley of subpoenas.”

An article in the City of London’s Economist makes a similar point: Use the drumbeat for impeachment (which they admit has little chance of succeeding) to make sure Trump cannot do anything whatsoever of policy significance. What they do not put in writing, but remains true, is that such drumbeats and political chaos have historically been used by the British as the smokescreen behind which to conduct assassinations of American Presidents they wish to dispose of.

In an article appearing in the May 20th print edition, headlined “Deep Breath, America,” the Economist begins by dwelling on how the naming of Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor “is a terrible blow for Mr. Trump,” and claims that the situation reminds everybody of the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

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