The Economic “Platform”

The Shanghai Transrapid maglev train in 2012. (photo: Lars Plougmann/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)


Always informing our view of what some call just “infrastructure,” must be Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of what is actually involved in such a notion. It reflects the only truth about mankind and his history, which is one in which mankind reinvents himself, creating as it were a new and better human species, through his innate human creativity. This is the truth of infrastructure, the truth of economics, and the truth of human nature itself—all really aspects of one and the same thing, which stares out at us once we begin to grasp it.

Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team was able to bring this idea to bear in an inspiring fashion on April 13 in short remarks to the Schiller Institute Manhattan Conference, which were reported in the May 5 EIR.

Ben’s title was “From the New Silk Road to Space: LaRouche’s Economic Platform Concept.” And indeed, now, after the conclusion of the Beijing Belt and Road Forum of May 14-15 one month later, Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized that the new, international space program is now the next necessary step for humanity.

The earliest known such “platform” was that of the prehistoric trans-oceanic maritime culture which was already navigating the world-ocean during the last glacial period, the Ice Age. Ben characterized its “platform” as the star-map which navigators used to find their way over the trackless ocean. Man’s knowledge of the starry sky was the first science, and is in a sense the continuing core of all true science, as Lyndon LaRouche elaborated this whole subject in depth in 1984, in his paper, “On the Subject of B.G. Tilak’s Thesis: The Present Scientific Implications of Vedic Calendars from the Standpoint of Kepler and Circles of Gauss,” reprinted in the April 28 EIR.

Lyndon LaRouche’s use of the term “platform” in this sense, is to indicate a true scientific, cultural and economic revolution which qualitatively transforms mankind, with his environment, his activities, his beliefs and morality—in effect making him a new, different and a better species.

It is the mind of man which first grasped the plan of the stars. It is the mind of man which began the human conquest of the interiors of the continents, from Charlemagne’s great canals, through Colbert’s works, and America’s canals and railroads, and into its culmination in the Eurasian Landbridge conceived by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, or the Belt and Road.

The brightest side of the Twentieth Century, integrally with Lyndon LaRouche and his work in that century, will always be the launching of the space program, even if it was largely aborted at that time. Any examination of the history and personalities of the space program, confirms one in the conviction that this was itself a qualitatively higher phase of human civilization: the very people themselves, the scientists, the astronauts, and the hundreds of thousands who did everything possible and impossible to support the effort—they were better people, superior people. Idealistic people. It’s patently obvious; and equally true of the Soviet as the American space program.

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s friend Krafft Ehricke is the outstanding exemplar.

As Lyndon LaRouche’s cited paper implies, it is an open secret that the space pioneers of today and tomorrow, hearken back to the scientists and explorers of the Ice Age. The very names we call them: “astronauts,” “cosmonauts,” “taikonauts,” correctly identify them all as “mariners,” from the Greek “Nautes.” So they are.

As we launch a national campaign to revolutionize the infrastructure of New York City, these are some of the sorts of considerations we must have in mind.

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