The New Silk Road—’Process for Peace’

President Trump and Palestinian President Abbas. 5/23/17 (Official WH video)



U.S. President Donald Trump, now in Italy, met yesterday in Bethlehem with Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas, where they spoke of what lies ahead. Trump expressed hope that America can help. He said, “If Israelis and the Palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East…[that] would be an amazing accomplishment.”

In fact, it is the New Silk Road—the World Land-Bridge— that is the means for achieving this dramatic accomplishment everywhere in the ‘process of peace,’ even in the most besieged, forsaken lands. This aspect is being taken up, along with the true meaning of “economics,” in follow-on discussions in many places, of the historic Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum in Beijing, May 14-15. For example, today’s South China Morning Post observes that Japan and China can now successfully come together, collaborating on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated this point explicitly, in her presentation to last week’s Beijing BRI Forum. She posed how the BRI must also be extended to the entire Southwest Asia region, which China has already proposed to do; and extended as a “Grand Design development plan for all of Africa.”

For decades, she and Lyndon LaRouche have promoted this peace principle internationally, as, for example, in two 1988 international conferences and book, “Development Is the Name for Peace.”

We are now locked in the battle to bring the concept home here in the United States, where Americans are otherwise being bombarded by propaganda and black ops, to demonize Trump, demonize Russia and China, demonize “big projects,” and life itself. The source of this is the expiring British empire, mobilized to attempt to bring down the Presidency and the United States with it. A new slew of Russia-bashing video clips was generated today from a hearing by the House Select Committee on Intelligence, on Russian “active measures” against the 2016 elections.

It’s worth repeating the advice on these dirty operations, from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a senior lawmaker and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said on May 10, when asked by Fox News what he thought about the comparison of Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, to Nixon getting caught for Watergate. Grassley said, “My message is: “Suck it up, and move on.”

We have a hell of a lot to do. The geographic vision for the development of the Americas was laid out last week by Zepp-LaRouche in her Beijing presentation. “Looking at the world land map, the United States is not merely a country surrounded by two oceans and two neighbors, but can be a central part of an infrastructure corridor which connects the southern tip of Ibero American through Central and South America, with the Eurasian transport system via a tunnel under the Bering Strait.”

One part of this North American picture, needing immediate attention, is New York City, whose transportation infrastructure is in breakdown mode, throughout the entire metropolitan region—the largest on the continent—but especially in Manhattan. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter May 21 to President Trump, asking for Federal help. Across all modes—the Amtrak passenger trains, Penn Station, LaGuardia Airport, the Metro system—there are accidents, outages, and dysfunction. Lyndon LaRouche has commissioned the formation of an action committee to lay out what needs to be done, and “make a war cry” about it. Put a program together; get the international input. “Physically, it can be done.”

President John F. Kennedy, whose 100th birthday anniversary is May 29, frequently raised the principle of peace through development. On March 1, 1961, when he signed his Executive Order establishing the Peace Corps, he spoke of Americans being willing “to sacrifice their energies and time and toil to the cause of world peace and human progress.” He said Americans “must exercise more fully their responsibilities in the great common cause of world development.”

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