The Realigned Movement


The world looks very different when viewed from China, than it does from the United States or Europe, Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented upon her return from participating as a leading international figure in the historic Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, May 14-15. China is developing with astonishing rapidity, and it is now enthusiastically sharing that successful model with the entire planet, through the Belt and Road Initiative. As an ascending force in the economic and cultural development of the entire planet, China’s outlook is one of optimism and hope—not the pessimism and despair of most of Europe and the United States since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

There is a global realignment now underway, Zepp-LaRouche noted, as sensible governments bring their nations on board to the Belt and Road Initiative. Only the foolhardy will remain on the outside looking in, the way Chancellor Angela Merkel is now doing with Germany.

President Donald Trump must now move quickly to make sure that the United States becomes part of that realigned movement. He wisely chose to send a top personal adviser, Matt Pottinger, as his representative to the Belt and Road Forum. Now he must negotiate America’s full participation in all aspects of that New Paradigm, including the investment of trillions of dollars in the rebuilding of America’s devastated infrastructure. Trump must move quickly to bring about real, physical economic change—that is what the millions who voted him into office are waiting for. He must move rapidly to reinstate FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, to provide the banking and credit framework for that massive reconstruction effort—that is the mandate of the 2016 Presidential election. The conceptual road map for how to implement those policies in the United States, has been repeatedly provided by Lyndon LaRouche, most recently in his Four Laws statement.

President Trump should not allow himself to be pressured, or even distracted, from that urgent agenda, by the tendentious and gratuitous accusations being thrown against his government, one after the other. The purpose of those British-mandated operations is to prevent President Trump from adopting the national and international economic policies which the British Empire fears. Denouncing and exposing those lies is of course useful, and even necessary. But the only way to decisively bury those dirty operations is to do precisely what the British most fear: implement FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall Act; join the Belt and Road initiative; and start building the infrastructure and other great projects now.

There is no more fitting tribute to John F. Kennedy on this, the 100th anniversary of his birth, than to rededicate our nation to these policies.

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