The Silk Road Strategy: Helga LaRouche Report from Belt and Road Forum (with transcript)


Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivers a report back and strategic overview following her recent two week trip to China, where she attended the world historic Belt and Road Forum, and conducted numerous other meetings and interviews. Her emphasis was: “The United States must join the Silk Road, this must be our focus and nothing else. Everything else must be a subsumed aspect of that. This is the strategically most important thing.”


I just wanted to make sure that you get a first impression from me from my trip, because I think the worst mistake we could make would be to respond to the absolutely incredible psywar propaganda coming from the U.S. mainstream media and the neoliberal media in Europe, like Spiegel Online with its Chief Editor piece which was really out of this way! It is very clear that people who are primarily relying on such media have a completely, totally, 100% wrong idea of what the reality is of what’s going on.  And we should really get that out of our heads and not try to swim within the fishbowl of an artificially created environment. Because, from my standpoint, the world looks very, very different.

First of all, I said this already, and I reiterate it:  With the Belt and Road Forum, the world has dramatically consolidated the beginning of the new era, and I don’t think at all, that short of World War III, this is going to go away, because the majority of the world is moving in a completely liberated way. And first of all, this was the highest level conference I ever participated in.  There were 28 head of state, speaking one after the other, and obviously, the speech by Xi Jinping was absolutely outstanding, and whoever gas time to listen to it, should really do it, because it was a very, very Confucian speech, which set the tone for the two-day conference in a very clear way. So, please listen to it when you have some time.

I think the way people have to understand what is going on, you have to really think what this organization, and Lyn in particular did for the last almost 50 years.  The first time when Lyn in 1971 recognized what the significance of the dismantling of the Bretton Woods system was, and then all the many, many things we did in the last over 40 years; Lyn coming back from the Iraq Ba’ath Party celebration in 1975, when he proposed the IDB as an International Development Bank to foster a new world economic order; the fact that we, for one year, campaigned with this IDB proposal which then basically became part of the Colombo, Sri Lanka resolution of the Non-Aligned Movement in ’76; then, in the end of the ’70s, when we worked with Indira Gandhi on a 40-year development plan for India.  Already in ’76, we published a whole book about the industrialization of Africa.  We worked with Mexican President José López Portillo on “Operation Juárez.”  We put out a 50-year Pacific Basic development plan. Lyn had already in ’75 had proposed Oasis Plan.  And then naturally when the [berlin] Wall came down and the Soviet Union disintegrated, we proposed the Productive Triangle and the Eurasian Land-Bridge.

And all of these proposals!  And just think of the many, many activities we did, conferences all over five continents, all of this was on the level of ideas, on the level of program — but only after Xi Jinping put the New Silk Road on the agenda in 2013, and in the four-years of breathtaking developments of the One Belt, One Road initiative since, these ideas are becoming realized!  And the genie is out of the bottle!

When you have now the Bi-Oceanic Railway discussion and the tunnels and bridges connecting the Atlantic and Pacific around Latin America, you have all these railways now being opened up in Africa — this is unprecedented!  This was not done by the IMF or the World Bank.  They suppressed it with the conditionalities. But with the AIIB, the New Development Bank, the New Silk Road Fund, the Maritime Silk Road Fund, the direct investment of the Chinese Exim Bank, the China state bank, all of these projects are now proceeding, and they have completely changed the attitude and the self-confidence of all participating countries.

Now, the way people in China look at President Trump is absolutely different than what the media are trying to say.  They are very positive about Trump, in the same way that people in Russia think that Trump is somebody you can absolutely have a decent relationship with, and that is reality.

And forget the media!  Forget these whores in the press who are really just prostitutes for the British Empire.  Don’t pay any attention to what they say, and don’t allow the people you are talking with to do that, either.

When Trump promised $1 trillion infrastructure investments, this was the right thing, and we put out the right program saying the United States must join the Silk Road and that should be our focus, and nothing else.  Everything else should be a subsumed aspect of that.  This is the strategically important thing, and the fact that the head of the China Investment Corp. Ding Xuedong said it’s not $1 trillion but $8 trillion, is what the United States needs, is absolutely on the mark; and you know it yourself from the conditions of the roads and in the infrastructure in all of the United States.

So the fact that the same organization has now set up their office in New York, advising Chinese investors how to invest in the United States, and vice versa, how U.S. investors can invest in China; the fact that the Chinese are invited to participate in this infrastructure conference in June, all of this is absolutely going in the right direction.

What happened in the Belt and Road Forum and the many meetings I had afterwards, — after all, I spent two full weeks in Beijing, in Nanjing, in Shanghai — many of these things I’m not reporting on, because they’re just works in progress, but it’s the fact that in the many interviews, many quotes, and the general view is that we were treated with the highest respect possible.  I mean, people are fully aware of Lyn’s significance as a theoretician of physical economy, his ideas are highly respected, and people treated me as we should be treated, namely as people who have devoted their entire lives to the common good of humanity.  And this is absolutely in stark contrast to the shitty behavior that we are normally getting from the neoliberals in the trans-Atlantic region.

And you should understand that what we attack on Trump is supposed to do:  Is to make — it’s so difficult for him to focus on the positive aspect, and there are quite some many of them, including his working relationship with Russia and China, which is strategically the most important; so that, basically, he has to defend himself instead, and everybody thinks they have to spend all the time to defend themselves.  Just think back, for those of you who were around then, how our lives as an organization changed after the attack in ’86.  Up to that point, we were all positive, we were winning primaries in Illinois, we were contemplating to create three private universities because we had a network of around 100 professors who wanted to implement Lyn’s ideas in the form of a curriculum in universities.

And then after the attack came in ’86, by the same apparatus which is going after Trump now, we had to spend all this money on lawyers and we had to defend ourselves, and it changed the life of the organization completely, and that’s what they’re trying to do to Trump!

So don’t fall for it.  The idea that we are losing is completely off! Mankind on the winning track and we have to pull the American population to create the kind of ferment so that the implementation of the infrastructure program as a first step is on the agenda, and on everybody’s mind and nothing else.

Even if Europe is still in the grip of the EU Commission, I mean, if Merkel wants to be the leader of the free West, — forget it.  Macron just had a very excellent meeting with Putin, defining a cordial relationship with Russia! This is not what Merkel and Obama have been cooking up, when Obama addressed the church day of the Protestant church, but Merkel is pretty isolated.

Just look around in Europe:  Macron send Raffarin, the former Prime Minister  to the Belt and Road Forum who gave an excellent speech, why China and France have to work together. Gentiloni from Italy said China and Italy will work together on the development of Africa.  All the East Europeans, Tsipras [from Greece], Serbia, Hungary, Czechia’s Zeman, Orban [hungary] — all of these people were absolutely enthusiastic on the Belt and Road Initiative.  And now even Germany, it shows that the German industry is actually really getting it, that their interest is to work on joint ventures in third countries together with China. So I think even Germany will change.

I have the strong conviction that by the end of this year, it will look completely different, because the development perspective is so contagious, that I think all the efforts by the British Empire to somehow throw in a monkey wrench will not work!

So take the winning perspective, take the high ground, think strategically:  And realize that what is happening in reality, in many, many development projects around the world, is what this organization has been fighting for, for almost half a century.  I just wanted to tell you that, because the worst thing we could do, is look at it from inside the United States, from within the box, when the whole world has moved out of the box decisively, with the Belt and Road Forum, which is not going to be stopped by anything.  And that is my view I wanted to communicate.

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