Putin’s Question Is Right: Have Americans Gone Mad?

Russian President Putin’s interview to NBC (photo en.kremlin.ru)


This week will see another round in the now nearly year-long McCarthyite, hysterical fit of “liberals” and “liberal media” in the United States against Donald Trump’s intention to restore fundamental relations of cooperation with Russia — and, with China.

One leading Democratic bloodhound, Senator Mark Warner of the Intelligence Committee, admitted on television on Sunday that there is no evidence of Trump “collusion” with Russians: “only plenty of smoke,” said Senator Warner. So the “liberals” rush on, then, to charge Trump’s “obstruction of justice” by firing the FBI Director.

The right question was directed to Americans by Russian President Putin in his NBC-TV interview, in which he was repeatedly charged with subverting and trying to control the United States: “Have you all gone mad?”

After nearly a decade of economic failure, and even despair in some parts of the American population, do the “liberals” now want to resurrect J. Edgar Hoover and Sen. Joe McCarthy to provide excuses?

There has emerged in the world — since the crash of America’s banks and economy nine years ago — a new economic order of infrastructure development, credit for high-technology industrial development, science, and space exploration. It is being expanded around China’s Belt and Road Initiative, or “New Silk Road” of economic growth and connectivity; and Russia is fully engaged in it. So are Asian, African, and South American countries, including America’s key allies in Asia, Japan, and South Korea.

If Americans want their economy rebuilt, and again to be a leading industrial power, scientific power, space exploration power — they will want cooperation with these initiatives of economic progress. The will want the cooperation President Trump has begun with President Xi Jinping’s China.

And there is the increasingly effective international battle against ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorism and mass bloodshed, in which Putin’s Russia is playing a driving role.

U.S. economic policy needs to be changed: the Glass-Steagall Act restored, a Hamiltonian national bank created; space exploration made a great national mission again.

But relations of cooperation with China and Russia, and with the new system of the New Silk Road, are essential in restoring the United States’ own leading capacities. Those who want impeachment — some, even assassination — of the President for this, must have temporarily gone mad.

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