Don’t Swallow the Induced Pessimism — The New World Economic Order is Already in Place


Americans (and Europeans) who are subjected to a 24-7 barrage of reports on worldwide disasters, on Trump facing impeachment, on the world about to burn up from global warming, and more and more fake news, fake science, and induced pessimism — get over it! The world has changed.

The momentum of history today is defined by the tremendous victory for Mankind consolidated at the May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China, followed by the May 24-26 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. These forums went far beyond presenting hopeful visions of a distant future, but presented a mapping of the transformation of the entire globe which has taken place over the past few years through the New Silk Road process, while achieving a commitment on behalf of the vast majority of the human race to continue that process at an accelerated rate.

And the United States was a participant in that process, as President Trump sent a senior delegate to Beijing, and as 300 leading US industrialists attended St. Petersburg. The participation of Helga Zepp-LaRouche at the Belt and Road Forum, and in forums and press interviews across China for two weeks following that event, demonstrated the recognition in China that she and her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, had initiated the process, back in the 1990s, to replace the Cold War with development projects connecting nations physically and culturally, as the original Silk Road had done in the past.

Helga today addressed the U.S. members of the LaRouche organization on the urgency of lifting the population out of the controlled environment created by the disintegrating political parties, the neocons, and the failing mass media. Is the infrastructure in your city crumbling, as it is in New York City? Ask yourself, what would China do? Within a year or two, China would replace the rot with new, high-speed rail, maglev subways, nuclear powered energy generation, new education and health facilities. And, with the Belt and Road Initiative, together with the development banks they have created, China is taking that process to the rest of the world — including (if we accept) to the United States.

This is what Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy would have done. This is what LaRouche proposed, in great detail, over the past 50 years, since Kennedy was killed by those who despised his vision and scientific optimism. Helga reviewed today how this organization prepared extensive development proposals for Africa, for Ibero-America, for the Indian-Pacific Ocean Basin, and for North America, together with the return to the creditary policies of Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt which would facilitate such great projects. But these are precisely the proposals being implemented today, under the leadership of China and Russia!

There is no time to lose in awakening the American and European people to the new paradigm which is standing directly in front of them, but obscured by the lying press and by their own fears and pessimism. Thus far, President Trump has refused to back down to the new McCarthism orchestrated by the British and their assets in the U.S., who believe that the population has been so “dumbed-down” that they will accept the absurdity that being friends with Russia and China is a crime against American freedom and democracy.

It will not work. The LaRouche organization is strategically situated, with the solutions in hand, to break through the morass, to bring the United States and Europe fully into the New Silk Road, to restore the Glass-Steagall legislation and Hamiltonian national banking, and to join with the rest of the world in pushing forward the frontiers of human knowledge, creating a future worthy of the dignity of mankind, here on Earth and in our future colonies in space.


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