Are Americans Ready for the Renaissance? Join the New Silk Road!

In today’s show, we hear from Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who says: “We are really on the verge of making a Renaissance, and Americans should just develop their power of imagination!” Zepp-LaRouche, who has just returned from a visit to China, states: “People should have a very firm idea in their heads how New York and the rest of the US will look like in five years. You will have modern railway, you will have fast trains going 300-400 kilometers or miles an hour, you will have an integrated system of fast trains and Metro, clean, fast efficient; people will not commute any more four hours a day, they will have 20 minutes to their job; their whole life will be completely different! And people will be human and happy! Life expectancy will go up again, people will have big projects and think about next platforms in space travel, everything will be completely different!” To give us an on-the-ground sense of how this vision of unbridled optimism and opportunity has the potential to catalyze rapid political change, Diane Sare joins us today to give a report on the rapid political changes now being seen in the streets of New York City, with the daily organizing being conducted by the LaRouche movement there.


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