The Guns Are Out For Trump — He Must Move Fast To Join the Silk Road, Restore Glass-Steagall

Visit of Attorney General and Director of FBI. President Kennedy, J.Edgar Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy. White House, Oval Office. February, 23 1961



Over the past weeks, a comedian/news commentator held up a picture of President Donald Trump’s bloody severed head; the “Shakespeare in the Park” Company’s production of Julius Caesar in New York’s Central Park portrayed Ceasar as Donald Trump, who was then subjected to an extended, brutal and bloody assassination scene; and yesterday, a 66 year-old man from Illinois opened fire on a Republican Party baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, after confirming they were Republicans, shooting four (including the third-ranking member of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives) before being killed by police. The shooter’s Facebook page included: “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

Crazy act by a madman? Perhaps, but political assassinations are always portrayed as by “lone assassins,” and investigations are always carefully controlled to maintain such cover stories — the JFK assassination being only the most famous, and obvious, example. EIR, in 2008, published a pamphlet titled “Why the British Kill American Presidents,” reporting on the British role and motivation in the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.

Recall that the current McCarthyite hysteria attempting to paint President Trump as a dupe or agent of the Russians, complicit in supposed subversion of American democracy, etc., was initiated by British MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s compilation of wild fabrications about Trump and the Russians. This “dodgy dossier” was then used by the now discredited former FBI chief, James Comey, in a self-described “J. Edgar Hoover moment,” showing Trump the Steele dossier and, apparently, implying it would be released if Trump would not back down from establishing friendly relations between the United States and Russia. He then almost certainly leaked the dossier, or arranged for it to be leaked, the following day.

The corrupt intelligence officials from the Obama Administration — James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Comey — even before being dismissed from office, had conducted a crusade to portray Russia (and China) as enemies of America; as military aggressors, and as a more serious threat to the Western World than ISIS. These lies served to provide cover for President Obama and his clone Hillary Clinton to take the world to the brink of thermonuclear war, assuring the bankrupt western financial oligarchs that the U.S. would never join with Russia and China in building the New Silk Road and a new global financial architecture. Such revolutionary steps would, to the horror of London and Wall Street, provide infrastructure and industry to the Third World, and even to the Western nations, rather than debt and austerity forced upon them by London and Wall Street speculators.

But the oligarchy did not foresee that the American people had had enough of permanent warfare, economic disintegration, the drug epidemic hitting virtually every family in the nation, and a mass media which lied consistently about nearly everything. The Trump election was the result.

Thus far, Trump has promised to do many of the things long proposed by Lyndon H. LaRouche, as presented in LaRouche’s Four Laws, but he has not taken the fundamental steps necessary to carry them through. He has pledged to rebuild the crumbling American infrastructure, but has not acted on his pledge to restore Glass- Steagall — the necessary first step to generate the credit needed to achieve his infrastructure and re-industrialization pledge. He has established cooperative relations with China, but has not fully joined the Belt and Road Initiative, to put U.S. industry back to work around the world building nations, including our own. He has called for restoring American leadership in space, and in scientific discovery, but, again, the funding for these projects demands that he immediately shut down the speculative bubble and restore Hamiltonian credit.

It is because President Trump is publicly committed to these things, and to ending the British imperial division of the world into “East vs. West,” that the guns are out to remove him from office — or, as implied by the shooting yesterday, to remove him from this Earth. He must move rapidly to get the recovery moving with public credit; to join the New Silk Road, and to fully cooperate with Russia and Putin in crushing the terrorist scourge. The more Americans who watch the series of four one-hour interviews with President Vladimir Putin by Oliver Stone, broadcast on Showtime every night at 9:00 EDT from Monday to Thursday this week, the faster the demonization of Putin will be laughed into the history books, joining the black history of J. Edgar Hoover’s “red scare” dirty tricks and assassinations.

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