What are the Real Issues Behind All This?

The Lincoln Memorial



The British have repeatedly assassinated American Presidents, after first assassinating the father of our Constitutional system, Alexander Hamilton. But you would have to go all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, to find the sorts of repeated threats against a President, especially threats of murder, that are being made against President Trump right now as you read this—under British direction. A “comedian” is circulating a photograph of herself on the Internet, holding up a replica of the President’s severed head. At the same time, the protracted stabbing-murder of President Trump is being regularly performed before large audiences in New York’s Central Park, under the proud sponsorship, and with the repeated vigorous endorsement of the traitors at the British-loving New York Times—under the absurd guise of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” The “actor” allegedly portraying Julius Caesar in this bloody farce, is dressed and made-up to look exactly like President Trump—while his wife speaks with a Slavic accent and looks and dresses just like the President’s wife Melania. Obviously, no one believes the New York Times that this represents “freedom of speech.” It represents deliberate incitement to political murder, or even a license to kill—and that, even while an innocent U.S. Congressman, and another innocent man, are in critical condition in a Washington hospital, after being shot yesterday morning by a crazed mass-shooter looking for “Republicans” to kill.

Much more just like this could be adduced, as you all know.

The British Empire, whose bloodlust is behind all of this, just called yesterday for Trump’s impeachment, in their flagship Financial Times of London.

The reason for the parallel to the same murderous hysteria whipped up against Abraham Lincoln, is that the issues today are actually no less important now, than they were then. Then, it was the question of the survival of this Republic in the face of that same British Empire—a question which involved the future of the entire human species. Now, Lyndon LaRouche has made it clear that the victory of Jim Comey and Bob Mueller’s FBI in their attempted coup against President Trump, would plunge the world into a nuclear war which would destroy our civilization and perhaps our species.

On the other side, the continuation of the Constitutional institution of the Presidency under the legitimate President Donald Trump—and the prosecution and conviction of the foreign-sponsored traitors who would wreck it—moves the United States into the “New Paradigm” for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have fought for almost half a century, by way of President Trump’s open and sincere commitment to peace and partnership with Russia and China. We must restore Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act as President Trump has promised, as part of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” of June 2014, encompassing national banking, massive Federal credit issuance, fusion power development, and a full space program in an international cooperative effort.

The choice is now before this generation, before each of us, and before you personally.

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