As Spring Turns into Summer

While attending the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Helga Zepp-LaRouche (center) was interviewed on CCTV’s prime time English language show, “Dialogue with Yang Rui.” May, 2017 (EIR Photo)



Future generations will look back on these days in the middle of 2017 as a key branching-point in all of human history to date. The core facts which are still basically unknown to most Americans today, will be well-known to them. The way that Lyndon and Helga LaRouche had prepared for decades, despite intense persecution, for a New Paradigm for world civilization through which man would finally become fully human, linked to a vast program for a World Land-Bridge, and for fusion power development and the relaunching of space exploration as a world space program.

That this LaRouche World Land-Bridge program was officially adopted as Chinese state policy in 2013, and was joined by over 100 nations representing most of humanity within four years. That thanks to this program, hope began to be restored to Africa after decades of despair. The way had been opened to ending the British Empire and the age-old imperial system which had crippled men’s minds since at least the beginning of written history.

That it was within this context, even though they were kept in ignorance of it, that American voters rejected the Presidential candidate of the British Empire, Hillary Clinton, and elected the one who promised friendship with Russia and China, the end of foreign aggressive wars, and the restoration of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law–Donald Trump.

The United States was moving to join the New Paradigm.

The British Empire fought bitterly to rid themselves of President Trump through an FBI coup, or any other means they could devise. Most Americans tended to support their elected President, and showed not only support, but enthusiasm, when they were approached with confidence. But to act on this effectively, they needed an effective grasp of the world process and the LaRouches’ mission, which had been denied them.

And there it rests for the moment. As a poet said, “the final chapter has not yet been written.”

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