Traitors Push Both Economic and Military Operations To Stop Trump’s Effort to Build Relations with Russia and China

President Donald J. Trump, June 9, 2017. (Whitehouse Photo)


Over the past week, corrupt Senators rammed through new sanctions on Russia (and Iran) which were in fact aimed at taking away President Trump’s prerogative to end the illegal sanctions which were imposed by Barack Obama, by executive order, based on lies regarding Russian intervention in the U.S. election. Then, Sunday, U.S. military forces which are deployed (illegally) in Syria shot down a Syrian fighter-bomber engaged in an attack on ISIS, provoking a stern response from Russia that any further such illegal foreign attacks on the forces of the sovereign state of Syria would risk Russian defense operations.

Who ordered this attack? The Russian Defense Ministry declared a suspension of the agreement with the U.S. regarding deconfliction in military operations, and demanded that “the US Command carry out a careful investigation and report about its results and measures taken.”

Such actions, threatening war between the world’s two leading nuclear powers, are militarily insane. Recall that the U.S. missile attack on the Syrian airbase in April was predicated on the false intelligence reports that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons, for no military or strategic purpose, on its own citizens.

The color revolution now in play against President Trump, involving fake British intelligence channeled through British assets in the U.S. intelligence services, Congress, the mass media, and elements of the U.S. military, must be stopped. Otherwise, the world will be thrown back into the economic chaos and strategic disaster being orchestrated under Presidents Bush and Obama.

In the U.K., the power of the Empire in its home base is being severely tested, and it would be well for Americans to pay close attention. Tory Prime Minister Theresa May and the virtual Tories in Tony Blair’s “New Labour” faction of the Labour Party are threatened with being dumped, following May’s shocking loss of a majority in the recent election, followed by the horrendous fire of the public housing high-rise, which may have killed well over 100 innocents. Sources in the U.K. tell EIR that the May government is lying about the death toll, hoping that the furor dies down, but also because any incident with over 100 deaths must, by law, become a criminal investigation. The “old” labor candidate Jeremy Corbyn — whose program includes an end to regime-change warfare, an infrastructure fund to kick-start the economy, an end to the Russian and Iranian sanctions, nuclear power development, and participation in the New Silk Road — is increasingly seen as a probable winner in any new election, while the crumbling of the Tories increasingly indicates that they will indeed have to call such a new election.

Recall that it was Tony Blair who created the first “dodgy dossier” making up fake intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, launching the Iraq war, the spread of terrorism and the refugee disaster. The current coup attempt against Trump was launched by “dodgy dossier #2” authored by MI6 agent Christopher Steele, making up stories about Trump and Russia to spread through their networks in the U.S., an operation which has now reached the level of incitement to kill.

Thus far, the Putin administration has refused to be provoked into a confrontational policy with the new administration in Washington, neither in response to the sanctions nor to the attacks in Syria. Foreign Minister Lavrov, following the downing of the Syrian aircraft, refered to the “zones of de-escalation” implemented by Russia, Iran, and Turkey within Syria, as “one of the possible options to jointly move forward,” adding: “We call on everyone to avoid unilateral moves, respect Syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the Syrian Arab Republic’s government.”

It is the responsibility of the citizens of the United States to recognize, and identify, the criminal individuals and institutions attempting to destroy the government and the sovereignty of our nation. China has deployed leading political and industrial leaders to the United States this week, at the invitation of the Trump administration, to discuss cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative — the New Silk Road — in building infrastructure, investing in industry and agriculture, and cooperating with U.S. industry in developing nations in Asia, Africa and South America. It is this U.S. participation in the new paradigm of progress and cooperation for all nations and peoples, which is now in place under Chinese and Russian leadership, that the dinosaurs of the decayed British Empire and its Wall Street assets are desperate to destroy. Their deadly coup attempt must be stopped, and the American people freed to contribute to the future of mankind.

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