Defeating the “Russiagate” Coup Against the President; Crucial Events Upcoming

President Donald J. Trump | June 21, 2017 (Whitehouse photo)


Judging from reports from the Democratic Party, the “charm” is wearing off the British game of eliminating American presidents who promote the American System of economy rather than the imperial world order. Playing “Russiagate” against President Trump — McCarthyism for donkeys — is not supported by the Democrats’ working class constituencies. And it is a deadly threat to the United States, including the threat of world war.

China, with Russia’s full cooperation, has put the Belt and Road Initiative of great infrastructure projects into high gear, and effectively launched a new economic order of “win-win” growth and development. The United States joining the Belt and Road would make it unstoppable, and “make America great again” as well.

The President has been the target of attempted overthrow and even potential assassination because he favors just this collaboration, and has repeatedly said so.

To put an end to this dangerous attempt at a coup, the focus of efforts should be on two sets of meetings occurring 10 days from now, which will help decide for that new order of economic, scientific and space-faring cooperation of nations.

All reports are that President Trump is looking forward to holding a full bilateral meeting with Putin on July 7 during the G20 sessions in Hamburg — not a mere “pull-aside” but effectively a summit — and to hold a second such meeting with China’s Xi there as well. Such British-oriented media as the London Independent and Telegraph are quite appalled at these reports (initially by Associated Press), fearing that Trump and Putin may make decisions about cooperation, as Trump and Xi did in Mar-a-Lago.

That same day the Schiller Institute and the China Energy Fund will hold a major “Food for Peace” conference in New York thinking forward to United States participation in the Belt and Road Initiative; this conference with its focus on progress in food production. It will be a major collaboration on bringing America into the New Silk Road, to revive its own economy, technology and agriculture; it will feature agricultural experts from both countries.

The crucial importance of such events is that President Trump cannot defeat the British-instigated drive to force him out of office, alone. It is up to the American people to reject and defeat “Russiagate,” stop the coup attempt, and back the President in working with Russia and China for peace and economic development of the United States and the world.

The success of the Schiller Institute conference is equally critical with that of President Trump’s prospective summit meetings. Schiller Institute founder Helga LaRouche and EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche were the originators more than 30 years ago of the “Eurasian Land-Bridge” concept which now, through China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is becoming the World Land-Bridge. This involves rebuilding a new economic infrastructure for the United States; but to do it, Lyndon LaRouche’s “four laws to save the nation” are essential. They encompass reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, a new Hamiltonian national credit institution, and revived emphasis on space exploration and the fusion energy frontier.

This is the American System of economy, and the way to the common aims of mankind.

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