Two Tales of One City

Sylvia Olden Lee tribute concert.



On Thursday, June 29, an historic concert will be held in Carnegie Hall in New York City, in celebration of the life and work of Sylvia Olden Lee, trailblazing Metropolitan Opera vocal coach and a long-time friend and colleague of the Schiller Institute. Sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, the concert features a 220-person chorus, of which the 110-person Schiller Institute NYC Chorus comprises half. Also participating is the Convent Ave. Baptist Church Chorus, led by Lee’s (and the Schiller Institute’s) longtime friend Gregory Hopkins, founder and head of the Harlem Opera Theater.

The concert/tribute to Lee will be followed the next day by a working symposium on the Verdi tuning at C=256, including vocal comparisons between selections sung at A=432 and A=440 or higher. The two-day process will be a major step forward for Lyndon LaRouche’s “Manhattan Project,” and the building of a 1000-1,500-person chorus as proposed over a year ago by LaRouche.

Such a classical cultural revival is essential to bringing scientific thinking back to the United States, in order to shift the country fully into the New Paradigm of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

But there is another New York, as we are being reminded daily. Yesterday, there was a disastrous derailment on one of Manhattan’s major subway lines, which led to dozens of injuries (fortunately no deaths—this time) and serious damage to the tracks and tunnel. No one has an estimate at this point of how long it will take to repair. But this is only a foretaste of the “Summer of Hell” that awaits New Yorkers beginning July 10, when an announced series of 20% cutbacks in service will begin, to permit necessary repairs to be carried out.

The fact of the matter is that the entire infrastructure grid of greater New York is imploding from decades of lack of maintenance and investment in new capabilities. The Schiller Institute is now preparing a full programmatic proposal for what has to be done, starting immediately, to address this crisis— which includes working closely with China and its world-class infrastructure capabilities.

In fact, the entire trans-Atlantic system is collapsing— both its physical economy, and its financial system—and cannot recover without writing off the bankrupt $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble, with Glass-Steagall and the broader policy of LaRouche’s Four Laws. This is evident in the current dead-end debate in Congress on Obamacare vs. the Republican health care bill, both of which simply kill people in order to keep Wall Street’s insurance Molochs contented. And it is evident in the implications of the London Greenfell Tower inferno, which can best be called the Greenfell Crematorium, where dozens if not hundreds of such dangerous housing projects for poorer immigrants and others exist, as a result of the privatization of public housing and speculation in the British housing bubble — both courtesy of the bankrupt City of London and Wall Street.

Fortunately, the alternative to this murder, and associated cultural insanity, is coming into being around China’s Belt and Road Initiative. China’s President Xi Jinping has just announced that he will be holding summits with Russian President Vladimir Putin (on July 3), and Germany’s President Franz-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel (shortly thereafter), both prior to the July 7-8 G20 summit in Hamburg. The Xi-Putin summit, in particular, can be expected to produce important new developments, as both sides have repeatedly stated over recent months, especially in enhanced coordination between China’s Belt and Road and Russia’s EAEU initiatives. It is also significant that Xi and Putin will be meeting immediately prior to the expected Putin-Trump meeting in Hamburg during the G20 summit. That meeting can be a “game-changer,” as they say, not only in bilateral US-Russia relations, but in the strategic situation facing the entire planet.

The British Empire, and those in Washington who are carrying the Queen’s water, are perfectly aware of that fact, and are prepared to do anything, anywhere (not just in Syria), to prevent that from happening.

We, however, are similarly prepared to make sure that it does.

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