Zepp-LaRouche: If Trump, Putin and Xi Work Together, the World Can Move Away from the Abyss and Towards a New Paradigm

Presidents Trump and Xi at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 8, 2017. (photo realdonaldtrump/instagram)



The G20 meeting held in Hamburg, Germany on July 7-8 did not produce anything resembling the kind of policy initiatives required to defeat the deadly crisis facing humanity, and the trans-Atlantic sector in particular. It did not address the global financial crisis, with its $1.5 quadrillion in bankrupt derivatives speculation. It did not discuss implementing a global Glass-Steagall policy, nor a Hamiltonian credit system, which alone can reverse the deadly collapse of the Western physical economies, as Lyndon LaRouche has conclusively shown in his Four Laws. Nor did it pose the issue of replacing geopolitics and war with a new approach to global relations. So in that sense, the G20 summit fell completely short of what it should have accomplished.

But a very positive outcome—in fact, breakthrough strategic progress—did emerge from that summit, largely as a result of a set of history-making bilateral meetings held on the sidelines of the summit, particularly the productive meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin—despite every effort by the British Empire and its American allies to stop it from happening.

It is highly significant that the Russian news agency TASS chose to feature the evaluation of Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche regarding that meeting of the two Presidents, in an article headlined “Expert View: Anti-Russia Campaign in U.S.A. Failed To Block Success of Putin-Trump Meeting,” which emphasized Zepp-LaRouche’s view that the two Presidents “have similar views in their non-acceptance of wars and interventions, and interference in other countries affairs.”

Sharing Zepp-LaRouche’s outlook, Russia-expert and prominent historian Stephen Cohen told Fox TV that the headline he would place on the Trump-Putin summit is: “Potentially historic new détente, anti-Cold War partnership begun by Trump and Putin, but meanwhile attempts to sabotage it escalate.” Cohen said Trump had been “politically courageous,” and that “maybe today we witnessed President Trump emerging as an American statesman.”

In a discussion with associates today, Helga Zepp-LaRouche recalled that Trump and China’s Xi Jinping had held a very successful meeting in Mar-a-Lago back in April; and that immediately prior to the G20 summit, there had been a strategic meeting between Xi Jinping and Putin in Moscow, which both sides characterized as the most important diplomatic event of the year, describing the relationship between their two countries as the best ever. Now, Zepp-LaRouche said, there has been a very promising first meeting between Trump and Putin. So if these three Presidents can indeed work together, the world will move a gigantic step forward, away from the abyss and in the direction of a New Paradigm.

Obviously, a lot of more work has to be done. The British Empire still has to be defeated. The Wall Street and City of London crowd—and their errand-boys in the Obama camp of the Democratic Party, and the Republican neo-cons—can be counted on to go ballistic over their failure to stop the Trump-Putin summit, and escalate their campaign to overthrow the Trump government. There is the danger of provoked wars in numerous theaters across the planet. But victory is within view.

Zepp-LaRouche called on the LaRouche movement internationally to escalate our campaign to put those issues on the agenda which the G20 summit officially evaded: namely LaRouche’s Four Laws, and for the U.S. and Europe to officially and fully join the Belt and Road Initiative. Get people to move behind us, as the source of the decisive ideas which are driving this process forward.

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