They Shot Their Wad; We Now are in Negative Nothing Burger; Time to Counterattack

by Barbara Boyd

The latest hot dummy bombshell directed at the U.S. population about President Trump concerns— hold your breath—the fact that Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met for 20 minutes soon after Trump won the Republican nomination with a Russian lawyer who, it was claimed, would offer damning information on Hillary Clinton’s illicit Russian contacts. As Trump Jr. noted, why wouldn’t he be interested in such information about Clinton, if it was true, in the midst of the Presidential campaign? In short, the “hot” bombshell is a very smelly fraud.

Ah, but in the world of who is actually trying to steal the election by disposing of the duly elected President, Donald Trump, namely, the British, Obama’s intel chiefs, and the FBI, nothing is quite so simple and everything here positively reeks of a British/FBI entrapment attempt against the Trump Campaign. The motive remains consistent: blow the world up, if necessary, to prevent the consolidation of a positive relationship between the United States, Russia, and China as proposed by Presidents Trump, Xi, and Putin. It is completely corrupt, cowardly, and insane that the Democratic Party, the Party of John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt now says it is “treasonous,” for Putin and Trump to stop the genocide in Syria and the Middle East in order to save lives. They say it is treasonous to seek peace. The Republicans, with few exceptions, still reek of the Bush family legacy and have always been controlled by the City of London and Wall Street. It’s well past time for the American people to say enough—back off. If you don’t do so, you won’t be in Washington come 2018.

We face a collapse of infrastructure throughout the country, a population which has been devastated by drugs and mental collapse — all based on the fact that Wall Street has been allowed, through two presidencies, to completely loot the economy. Financial experts point to a bubble in corporate debt which could collapse at any moment, producing devastating chaos unless Glass-Steagall is in place. Trump has set the basis for solving this by collaborating with Russia and China to ensure peace. China’s One Belt, One Road project provides a model for investment and thousands of productive U.S. jobs and the U.S. is negotiating its role in this grand design right now. To facilitate recovery, Congress should be debating and passing LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery. Instead, what we are hearing from Washington most emanates from the corrupt alliance of many politicians with Wall Street and the City of London whose dominance has been effectively challenged. There is an old farmer’s saying in the MidWest: “A stuck pig squeals.” Others, who know better, are indulging their cowardice.

The meeting at the center of the present “scandal” took place in June 2016, when, it is to be recalled, Hillary Clinton, had already hired British agent Christopher Steele to produce a totally fake dossier on Trump which cited sources “deep within and at the highest levels of the Russian government.” The FBI and Clinton were about to blame Russia for the DNC email hacks. The Steele dossier from Britain was in addition to Clinton’s admitted use of the intelligence services of Ukraine and Estonia in her efforts to smear Trump. As the Clinton case shows, along with numerous other foreign forays by other presidential campaigns, there is no law against obtaining information from foreign governments and there is no law concerning “collusion,” NONE WHATSOEVER, despite today’s TV lawyer fantasies to the contrary.

There are laws, however, against governments trying to entrap and falsely prosecute presidential candidates. Here is the “come hither” email for the meeting, as released by Donald Trump Jr.: “The crown prosecutor of Russia met with [Emin’s] father Aras this morning and . . . offered to provide official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia… as part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” (Emphasis supplied.) If this very awkwardly worded and planted setup note wasn’t dictated by British intelligence or the FBI, then sue me.

Emin is an Azerbaijani pop star, Aras is his real estate developer father, both of whom got to know Trump when the 2013 Miss Universe pageant was held in Moscow. The email writer is one Ron Goldstone, a British former tabloid writer and publicist for Emin. Goldstone’s Facebook and Instagram accounts reveal him to be a single, obese, and infantile personality wearing a T-Shirt prominently labeled “Russia” in case you missed the point. Goldstone was living in New York at the time. According to veteran intelligence analyst Pat Lang, the New York Times states that three people other than Trump Jr. or Goldstone leaked this private email chain between two U.S. residents to the Times for its Monday story. Since it’s a private email chain in the U.S., it was probably collected under FISA and its leaking to the Times is a felony. Lang believes Susan Rice, or John Brennan, or James Comey are good targets for prosecution based on this leak. Both Emin and Aras were well known to British intelligence based on their 2013 dealings with Trump. Aras appears in the Steele dossier, and both were featured as Trump “Russian” confidants by the Washington Post in an article at the same time —June, 2016.

At the meeting, Trump Jr. and friends met with one Natalia Veselnitskaya who was not the “crown prosecutor of Russia.” This position does not exist. Instead, many years ago she was a junior Russian prosecutor, having left the government long since for private practice. She was, at the time of the meeting, representing Denis Katsyv, who had been sued by the U.S. Department of Justice in the Southern District of New York. She had been denied a visa, had been paroled into the U.S. for purposes of the lawsuit, and was under observation by the FBI. Also involved in the defense of Denis Katzyv and Prevezon Holdings was the U.S. lawfirm BakerHostetler and the “investigative firm” Fusion GPS which, of course, was the employer of Christopher Steele and shopper of the dodgy dossier. Veselnitskaya offered in a statement Tuesday that she never offered Russian government information about Clinton (Russia has its own espionage laws) but perhaps the Trumps were “longing” for such.

According to all concerned the meeting went nowhere and Veselnitskaya spoke nonsense. So, failed British/FBI entrapment attempt, a negative nothing burger. But, it was, clearly, an entrapment attempt by British and/or FBI operatives against a Presidential candidate and the planted email evidence has been used to light things up again in the wake of the Trump/Putin meeting.

The lawsuit which got Veselnitskaya to the U.S. is, itself, a twisted British/FBI intelligence saga. A product of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (funded by Geoge Soros and USAID) and British intelligence asset Bill Browder, it sought forfeiture of Katsyv’s properties in New York, claiming that they were bought as the result of money laundered to Katzyv from a massive tax fraud in Russia allegedly involving “individuals close to Putin.” The fraud was allegedly discovered by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitzky who died in a Russian prison. Magnitzky worked for Hermitage Capital. Hermitage Capital was a joint vehicle for the notorious Edmond Safra, now deceased, and Browder, son of Earl Browder, former head of the CPUSA. Browder renounced his U.S. citizenship, moved to Britain, and with Safra began investing huge sums to loot the former Soviet Union. He was later banned from Russia on security grounds and has become a leading British anti-Putin fanatic, claiming he is Putin’s foremost opponent. A documentary about Browder and Magnitsky, and the U.S. and European Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia by Andrei Nekrasov, a prominent critic of Russia and Putin, was effectively banned in the U.S. and Europe because it concluded that Browder was the fraudster and that Magnitsky was not abused by Russian authorities.


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